onsdag 23. mai 2012

What I wore Wednesday - 09/05/12

This is what I wore to work a fortnight ago, bright and spunky as usual. :) The dress is new and Im so smitten with it, its YELLOW, vintage shape, good value for less money, I cant ask for more really. :) I have a thing for shirtdresses as they suit my boobless frame the best. ;) My colleagues paid me so many compliments, I didnt know how to respond, just blushed and said thanks. :P I was told to never give up my style, I always get a bit baffled when hearing that, its not that Im a stylist or anything, I just happen to love clothes and colours, its not brain surgery. :P

Dress from Indiska (brand new - 2012)
Cardigan from Louche - 2011
Pantyhose from Sneaky Fox
Shoes from Pataugas - 2012

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5 kommentarer:

  1. Such a cute outfit. I love the colors in it!

  2. Great dress! Love the bright floral print :)

  3. I love all the colour in this outfit. And the colour block sweater is wonderful.

  4. Very cute outfit!

  5. @Emily, thank you! :)So sweet of you to leave a comment. :)
    @Polkadottyplace, thank you! :)I love floral prints. :)
    @Megan, Thank you! I love bright colours as you may know. ;) Yea, the cardigan is great, I have used it a lot. :)
    @Kassie, Thank you, how kind of you to leave a comment. :)