onsdag 27. juni 2012

What I wore Wednesday: colour bonanza!

Another work outfit, Im rather pleased with this one, one of my absolute favourites! :) Goin a little crazy colourwise, just the way I like it. :P *hehehe*

I was out shopping with my mum when the sales assistant in a clothing shop approached me with her praises for my outfit, in particular the skirt. :) One of the best compliments ever received, my mum just looked  at me, quite surprised. :) We were quite taken aback the two of us, its not everyday I get complimented by strangers and not to forget a sales assistant in a clothing store. ;) My mum always tells me to go easy on the shopping, perhaps she wont mention it again, as she now has learned that her daughter got style. ;) Haha! I wish *laughs*

A Marilyn moment as the wind grabs my skirt. I love the poooofiness of this skirt though. :)

I changed the flats for my nude pumps just to see how it panned out. I think this combo is ok as well. :)

What Im wearing:

Top from H&M (new)
Cardigan from H&M (new)
Skirt from Gudrun Sjoden
Flats from Vagabond (oldies)
Nude pumps from Geox

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9 kommentarer:

  1. I love how you combine colours! All very summery, and still warm enough for the Scandinavian summer - that's quite an accomplishment!

  2. Lovely! The skirt is so pretty and I like it with the green cardigan.

  3. @Kaffesoester - Thanks for your sweet comment! :) and welcome to my blog! Im so happy to have you as a follower. :) Yes for scandinavian summer its all about layering I guess. :)

    @Megan - Thanks a lot for your sweet comment. :) Im really into greens nowadays, love the look of the skirt. :)

  4. What a great colour combination, Izzy! I'm not surprised to hear you received compliments on it. This is a very sophisticated colour mix (particularly with the neutral belt and shoes).

    You look lovely! :)

  5. interesting complementary colors

  6. Just stunning! I adore the skirt & the colors-- so sweet~* Love the blog, I'm your newest follower!


  7. Loving all the colors and the orange floral ruffles peeking from behind the green cardigan is so adorable!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  8. @Sheila - Thank you for your sweet words. Im really not used to being complemented, at least not by strangers, so I truly cherish those moments.:)

    @Mary - Thanks for your visit and sweet comment. :)

    @Tabetha - A warm welcome to you!! Im thrilled to have you on board, hope you will like it here. :) Thanks a lot for your sweet comment. :)

    @Juneli - Thanks for your sweet words, I love those orange ruffles too, makes the outfit stand out more I think. :) Thanks for visiting. :)

  9. Echoing everyone else - this color combo is especially lovely. The orange is an unexpected pop but it works so perfectly.