onsdag 29. august 2012

What I wore Wednesday: colour casual

Im taking it down a notch today, going for the casual look as somedays I just cant be bothered. :P
Im sticking with colour though, otherwise I feel washed out or just plain jane ;)

Turqouise and yellow is a hit with me, whats not to like? :)

A close up. Ugh Im feeling knackered today, excuse my lack of text. :)

Love these new - to- me shoes from Fly London, I scored them on Ebay. :)

Alrighty, last one, I hope you are not too bored. :P  Im not that pleased with these pics, I really do prefer to take outdoor shots, but what can one style blogger do when its pouring down.....Nothing *sighs*

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from Palace London
Blouse/shirt from Dorothy Perkins
Skinny jeans from Cubus (Norwegian brand)
Shoes from Fly London (Ebay)

Im linking up with What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy.

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7 kommentarer:

  1. Tell me about the rain... It's been torrential here today. Still, your lovely turquoise/yellow combination is bright and fresh and pretty! And I love that your fabulous English extends to using the word knackered! My Norwegian is more limited... xxx

  2. You look lovely in those shades of yellow and turquoise! Just gorgeous - they look wonderful together.

    I know - we are about to enter rainy season on Canada's west coast! I will miss my outside stair shots once it starts getting colder.

  3. What wonderful shoes! Your colour combination, and the print and hemline of your top, are lovely. Hope your weather clears up soon - I'm glad it didn't stop you from posting altogether! - and wishing you good rest and energy.

  4. For a casual look, it's super cute! I love the Fly London shoes. Their shoes always have such gorgeous colors. Yellow and turquoise is such a classic pairing, and looks so fresh.

  5. @pastcaring - yea better beat the weather by wearing something bright. :) Oh, your comment about my English skills make me so happy! :) Well Im a huge fan of you Brits and I try to stick to English (UK version) in my writing. I know I tend to mix it up with some american words inbetween, its not always that easy to differ the two. :) Well I think my English is rather rubbish compared to you lot having English as your native language. I desperatly wish I was more eloquent/well spoken/written. But Blogging really helps to develop my English. :)

    @Sheila - Thank you! :) Yea I havent figured it out how Im gonna do photos during winter when its dark outside and cold.

    @Amber of Butane Anvil - thanks a lot! Well a little rain wont stop me for sure! :) I just have to find another spot indoors that makes an bearable photolocation.

    @Megan Mae - Thanks! :) Yup Im a huge fan of Fly London, would like me some boots from them as well. :) Flat season is coming to an end here. :)

  6. You look gorgeous in the yellow and turquoise! That's the least casual causal outfit I've seen so far! The dark wash skinny jeans are perfect on you, and the shoes are of course to die for!

    We still have the most lovely summer like weather here, 20 degrees Celsius and almost sunshine. I'll try and blow some of it your way!

  7. I love the bright colors and the skinny jeans. You did great with your pics; indoor photography is such a challenge!