onsdag 1. august 2012

What I wore Wednesday - Holiday edition

 Im back from a wonderful holiday in Denmark. :) Looking for the sun?? Well I found it hiding in Denmark, who would have thought. ;) We enjoyed temperatures as high as 29-30 C, best to curl up at the beach and let the sun work its magic. :) I even got a tan which is rare for me. :P

We rented this house for a week, it was situated a five mins walk from the beach, perfect! :) The surrounding garden was huge, my sister in law`s baby girl roamed the place. ;) We even bought a little paddling pool for here to play in, she was over the moon of excitement. :)

Well enough chit chat, on to the outfit related stuff. :) We visited the city of Sønderborg during our week, I just love that city, especially the castle and harbour area, its so beautiful there. :) This time around we were greeted by the Danish Royal Yacht, a beautiful ship from some years back I believe, I love the white tack with red border. :)

The Danish flag, "Dannebrog" fluttering in the warm air. :)

On holidays I tend to put less effort in dressing up, resorting to more casual outfits. At this point I was allready melting in 25C, I dont understand why I brought a cardigan with me at this sunny day. Well it didnt stay on for much longer. :) Even my leggings felt restraining, havent felt that for ages. :P

I just had to show you my favourite part of the leggings, the red stripe. :)

I also wore the same outfit to work the week before we left on holiday. I have replaced the navy cardi with a red one. I love dresses with a full skirt. :)

Me and my 4legged pride and joy. :) We make a cute couple. ;)

What I wore:

Denimdress from Lindex (new/sale)
Navy cardigan from HM
Red cardigan from Louche
Leggings from Lindex
Flats from Vagabond

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  1. I love your leggings! So cute. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing some photos of it.

  2. I'm so glad you had a good time here! You were so lucky and hit just at the right time - apart from last week we've had the coldest July in decades! At least it's not very cold this week, and today we had lovely sunshine.

    You look so adorable in your dress and the striped leggings - they remind me of Pippi Longstocking!

    The Danish Royal Yacht is from 1931...

  3. Your leggings are lovely!

    That last picture is so sweet. :)

  4. Funky leggings! They look great with the simple dress.

    I was in Denmark in 1987 - I was 16. I don't remember much about it other than thinking the boys were cute.

  5. Anonym8/02/2012

    Seeing your pictures make me think that I need to visit Lindex, I did not now that they had started to sell wearable clothes again! Since the Swedish top model Emma Wiklund (earlier Sjöberg) left the board it has been going downhill (in my opinion), until now obviously! The summer house looks great too!

  6. Your holiday looks wonderful. Sun and beautiful places, sounds good to me! Love your nautical-inspired outfit, very cute. xxx

  7. @Megan Mae - Yea I had a great time in Denmark. :)Thanks for having a look at my holiday photos. :)

    @Kaffesoester - yea it was a really HOT week, almost too much to handle. ;) oh I dont mind resembling Pippi Longstocking, I love her! :) Thank you for the information about the yacht, wow amazing being from the 1930s, really special!

    @Sheila - Thank you!

    @Megan - hehe you made me laugh, but at 16 all we could think of was boys, boys and boys, right? ;)

    @fourseasonswardrobe - actually I found this dress on a whim as I dont normally shop at Lindex, apart from leggings and tights. ;) I did try some of their new fall line the other day but the fit was weird,even in the smallest size the dresses were huge on me and Im not that tiny winy. ;) In my opinion their clothes is too voluminous, I prefer a more fitted shape as the denim dress.

    @pastcaring - yup my idea of a great holiday. :) Ive come to fancy the nautical look lately. :)

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