onsdag 8. august 2012

What I wore Wednesday - more holidays

Another outfit from when we were on hols in Denmark. My hols are coming to an end sadly, this is my last week, headed back to work on Monday.*booo* The last two weeks we have just stayed at home, a staycation. I like to travel but I like even better to return home, Im  a homebody at heart. :)

I have been thoroughly enjoying my staycation, just pottering about, doing next to nothing, until my significant other got this idea that we should paint our house. Not my idea of a fun holiday activity for sure!! *grumbles*
In Norway we live in houses made by wood and we need to repaint them once in awhile. Its been 6 years since last time we did our house, so I guess it was time. Well lucky for me the weather hasnt been ideal for painting, lots of showers so I have gotten away with only a few hours in my painting gear. :P  Alas the weather seems to be perking up this coming weekend, I guess I will be spending my last days in freedom painting my ass off. :P

The background in my pics are from a beautiful lake area in the city of Haderslev. We spent a day here just strolling around like one does on holiday. ;) Oh I nearly forgot, yea I did some shopping in Denmark but in a much smaller scale than usual. My hubby was quite impressed by me. ;) *laughs* I did however bring home with me a pair of gladiator sandals from Fly London and a pair of purple flats (both on sale) from another brand. I also bought a tunic/shirtdress on sale from Desigual. Well Im hardly suprised as I do most of my shopping online these days, my local shops are less interesting to me.

I also wore the same outfit to work the week before hols, with the exception of the shoes. Im madly in love with these green/turqouise pumps. :)

What I wore:

Cardigan from Dorothy Perkins (new/sale)
Dress from M&Co (new/sale)
Flats from Vagabond/ pumps from Pataugas

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4 kommentarer:

  1. ohi love staycations!! and i love that dress.

    over from pleated poppy wiww. :)

  2. Beautiful dress and shoes!

  3. That's a beautiful dress - and I'm going mad with envy over those Pataugas shoes!

    I've been to Norway many times, and your houses are so pretty - and I know it takes some maintenance to keep them. But just think of how many years it will be before you have to do it again!

  4. Love the dress! Especially with those gorgeous teal shoes. Sounds like you picked up some fun other shoes while on vacation too. I feel the same about my local stores. They're all chain-stores, but the internet allows buying from anywhere!