onsdag 22. august 2012

What I wore Wednesday: a red number

Oh how I love thee, red shirtdress with a full skirt *weeeeeeeeee* Shirtdresses are my best option when it comes to dresses, no doubt about it. :) This red baby sets me on fire *lol* I got it in the sale for next to nothing, Ive also bought the same dress in navy/white dots.

Well further down you see an example of 5 inches of heel *gulp* but they are amazingly walkable. Its my first pair of rocket sky heels, and I havent tripped once, but struggled quite a bit when taking these photos, had to leap back and forth to turn on my timer (dont have an remote). Hard work I tell ya, keeping me on my feet. :P not a pretty sight :P

Im crazy about the pinkish colour and tweed pattern. I didnt wear these heels to work cause I dont think they are office appropriate due to their height, I feel like an amazon when I put them on as Im already quite tall. ;) But I will wear them at my birthday party this weekend, my mum will have a fit when she sees them. :P

A close up.

I chose these black, mid heels for work, I think they do the job. :)

Another close up.

What I wore:

Dress from Ellos (recent/sale)
Belt from Mango (sale)
Pink platform court shoes from New Look (recent)
Black shoes from Boden (recent)

Im linking up to What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy.

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13 kommentarer:

  1. This is a great dress on you, definitely worthy of being called "a number." :) Wonderful birthday shoes - it's my birthday this weekend too! - enjoy your party!

  2. Okay, now THAT'S the colour of shirtdress I need, not my bland oatmeal dress that I wore yesterday! Love it, and you look amazing in it.

    The shoes are perfect party shoes! Love them! Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

    I used to have a pair of black shoes just like those.

  3. Fabulous frock, I have a very similar vintage shirt dress. It's a lovely silhouette, and a great colour.
    Those shoes! They are stunning, but I know I couldn't walk in them, more's the pity... xxxx

  4. Drop-dead gorgeous! That's definitely dream dress material. I love it with the mega-pumps, but the black shoes are also totally perfect. And more appropriate for work. Can't wait to see the other version of that dress.

  5. I love the color of your dress. And those tweed heels are so cool!

  6. Beautiful! And you've chosen the perfect shoes to go with. Great color dress on you too, especially nice with your fab hair.

  7. O MY GOD I am in love with your high heels! Maybe I should not have a shopping restriction after all.

  8. @Amber of Butane Anvil - Yay, how cool that we both have birthdays this weekend, Im due on Sunday. :P I hope you will have a splendid celebration! :)

    @Sheila - Yes, you should definitely get a red shirtdress, I think it will look amazing on you. :)

    @pastcaring - Thank you. I love the silhouette too, cant wait to see yours. :)

    @Megan Mae - aaaw, thanks dearest. :) I actually prefer it with the mega pumps, if they had been mid heeels, I would worn them all the time. :)

    @Annie @wattlebird - Aaaw, thanks a lot! :) A warm welcome to you, I hope you will like it here! :)

    @Joni - Oh, thanks a lot! :) I really appreciate your comment about my hair. :) Most of the time I dislike my hair cause its so thin, I want big and full hair, not gonna happen :P

    @fourseasonsonewardrobe - yea I KNOW!! Im soooo smitten with the heels, everytime a look at them my heart goes boom! <3 You may as well lift your shopping ban for these babies, theyre cheap as well. :)

  9. Hi there! I just nominated you for a Leibster award. Go to my blog to see what this means.

  10. Hello my lovely, you don´t look older than 15. who cares anyway???
    You are gorgeous, and I am glad to see you again.
    Freezing cold, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    We are still 37ºc today.
    After a long month of cooler weather it is a shock again.

  11. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw those heels - gorgeous! The dress is lovely on you, both the colour and the shirt style. The black shoes are nice too, but the pink heels are just incredible! A girl can never be too tall for heels, and if she feels like 25, she IS 25!

  12. @Megan - oh another liebster award, thank you! :)

    @Sacramamento - Aaaw, thank you! and welcome back! :)

    @kaffesoester - Hehehe I reacted the same when I spotted these shoes online, almost fell of my chair. :) I think they must be my favourite pair of heels.!! I dont think Im brave enough to wear them to work, especially as my sis told me they were party shoes only.....:( I wish I could show them off to the whole wide world. :P

  13. The red dress is a WOW. I'm agog at the height of your first shoes. I'm lovin' the black pair because I can totally envision them on my feet...lol.