onsdag 30. mai 2012

What I wore Wednesday - 16/05/12

This is what I wore to work, had to resort to pants due to bad weather, it had been pouring down for days. Im showing off my "new" Anthro cardigan which I have been stalking like forever on Ebay. Its in excellent condition despite being used. :)

I tend to prefer to wear dresses and skirts as Im somewhat uncomfortable in pants, me thinks I look too skinny minnie or crane flyish in pants. Im trying to gain weight and being on a fatty diet, seriously I can stuff my face with junk food, chips, chocolate, candy and it doesnt show anywhere on my body. You might think its a blessing but being too skinny is just as bad as being overweight. Nuff said. ;)

I received so many compliments for my red shoes, despite them being old and kind of out of fashion as them being pointy. ;) I love them regardless, especially the bright red colour. :)

Cardigan from Anthropologie via Ebay
Shirt from Ness (bought in Edinburgh March 2011)
Skinnypants from Cubus - Norwegian brand
Red pumps (old)

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mandag 28. mai 2012

Head over heels in love

Head over heels in love

This spring I have been spluring on shoes, especially in the cute pumps category. :) I prefer low-mid heel pumps as I cant walk in anything high heeled unless looking like a fool, wriggling and tripping over simultanously. :P
Well here are some more information about my purchases in the shoes department. :)

Nik Nak heels in green from Chelsea Crew via Modcloth (currently out of stock)

Backlash in mustard from Poetic Licence, available here.

Just like honey heel in blue from Chelsea Crew via Modcloth. (currently out of stock)

Pataugas Fool, available here.

Geox Tayra, available here.

Turqoise pumps from Pataugas, available here.

Pink pumps from Pataugas.

onsdag 23. mai 2012

What I wore Wednesday - 09/05/12

This is what I wore to work a fortnight ago, bright and spunky as usual. :) The dress is new and Im so smitten with it, its YELLOW, vintage shape, good value for less money, I cant ask for more really. :) I have a thing for shirtdresses as they suit my boobless frame the best. ;) My colleagues paid me so many compliments, I didnt know how to respond, just blushed and said thanks. :P I was told to never give up my style, I always get a bit baffled when hearing that, its not that Im a stylist or anything, I just happen to love clothes and colours, its not brain surgery. :P

Dress from Indiska (brand new - 2012)
Cardigan from Louche - 2011
Pantyhose from Sneaky Fox
Shoes from Pataugas - 2012

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torsdag 17. mai 2012

Happy Birthday Norway!!

Today the 17th of May is the Norwegian Constitution Day or National Day of Norway. Among Norwegians , the day is referred to simply as syttende mai or syttande mai (both meaning May Seventeenth).

This day is kind of special outfitwise as we wear our traditional costumes called "Bunad". I happen to own a costume myself, I got it at the age of 15 for my confirmation. My costume represents the area where I was born and  raised, there are about 200 different bunads, eac of them resembling a certain area/part of Norway. The bunad is considered to be one of our most valued and treasured traditional outfits and it is considered appropriate for weddings and christenings. If you have a bunad you dont need to worry about what to wear at those occasions. :)
Without further ado, here is yours truly in her bunad (pics taken a few years ago but I havent changed that much). *grins*

The day is normally spent watching the parades in our nearest city, we have one parade early in the morning consisting of children from local primary schools along with marching bands. The second parade takes place in the afternoon where everybody may join in waving our flags as we walk on. :) Here is a picture from the parade in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

And to sum it up, the Norwegian flag blowin in the wind in the mountains.

søndag 13. mai 2012

Fashion in hiding

Mitt bidrag til under kontorpulten mote, kanskje dette blir det neste store innen fashion shoots. ;) Hehehehe
Megan fra bloggen The Fashionable Bureaucrat satte meg på idèen, hennes bilde er utrolig morsomt. :)

My contribution to the hilarious under the desk picture by fabulous Megan from The Fashionable Bureaucrat. :)

Vel her har dere meg, ansiktet bak bloggen, den usminkede sannhet. :) Et heller tvilsomt ansiktsuttrykk grunnet potensiell fare for at kolleger skulle ta meg på fersken, heheheheeee!

Well, this is me in all my glory. :P Looking a little off my game here. *laughs*

Et litt mer tilforlatelig uttrykk selv om håret vingler til alle kanter. ;) En liten forhåndstitt på sist ukes antrekk. :)

Im somewhat more comfortable and more relaxed here, even manage to smile despite messy hair. :P A little preview of last week`s outfit.

onsdag 9. mai 2012

What I wore Wednesday - week 18

Same old same old, what I wore last Wednesday at work. :) Ive really got a thing for belts, so I chose an outfit to show of my new brown belt. It was a lovely, sunny day, perfect for fooling around with my camera outside. Behind me is the wiev from our porch, lovely isnt it? :) In the last picture Ive used my cutie doggie as props. Well she looks rather bored if you ask me. ;) *giggles*

Tunic from Mexx (old)
Cardigan from Louche (2011)
Jeggings from New Look
Flats (shoes) from Hush Puppies (2011)
Belt from H&M

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onsdag 2. mai 2012

What I wore Wednesday

Enda en uke er passert, skal si tida flyr. Jeg har i utgangspunktet som mål å skrive to blogginnlegg i uken men jammen har det blitt liten tid til det gitt *host host*. ;) Skjerpings må til ingen tvil om det, får prøve å skyve unna alle de andre tidstyvene. :) Over til antrekket, jobb/kontor relatert som vanlig, føler meg så heldig som jobber på kontor hvor jeg kan dresse opp eller ned alt etter hva jeg føler for, vi har en casual stil på kontoret heldigvis. Denne gang har jeg prøvd å bryte opp serien med skjørt og gå for tights & tunika stilen istedet, greit med litt variasjon. :) Etter å ha studert ørti fjørti amerikanske moteblogger hvor belte heller er regelen enn unntaket så måtte jeg finne ut av denne åpenbare fasinasjonen. Jeg fant et billig belte på H&M og det funker knallbra! Jeg har en tendens til å drukne i tunikaer men et belte forandrer alt, plutselig har jeg en midje igjen. :) Jeg er superhappy for at jeg har funnet en ny måte å bekle tunikaene på, at jeg ikke har tenkt på dette før! :P I dette øyeblikk er det joggebukse og Game of Thrones på skjermen som gjelder, sesongstart i dag, *alle fantasyhjerter gleder seg*. :)

Another week passing by, time flies I tell ya!. :) It was always my intention to write at least two blogposts a week but somehow I havent found the time. I will do better I promise. :) As for last week`s outfit I have tried to break out of my skirt habit and have instead opted for a tunic&tights combo. Luckily we have a casual dress code at work so I can get away with everything outfitwise. :) This is also the first time Im wearing a belt and I love how it turned out. :) Tunics do not flatter my skinny frame, tend to swamp me but by wearing a belt I suddenly have a waist again. :) Im so happy, now I can get a lot more wear out of the few tunics I posess. Im totally fussing over belts now, my new favourite accessory! :) Right now Im in my sweatpants eagerly anticipating the season opening of Game of Thrones here in Norway. * leaps of joy*

Mint tanktop from H&M (new - 2012)
Tunic from Kappahl (old)
Cardigan from H&M (new - 2012)
Belt from H&M
Tights/jeggings from H&M (old)
Shoes from El Naturalista (Fall/winter collection 2011)

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