onsdag 18. juli 2012

What I wore Wednesday - Wellies dance

Im sorry for being absent lately, we had family staying over for some days hence me being a busybee and no time for internet or taking outfit pics. But now Im back, at least for a couple of days. ;) Im off on hols from the weekend, going to Denmark for a week. I will have 3 weeks off from from work, I cant wait!! *excited*

Its been pouring down the last couple of days so Ive had the wellies out for some airing. :) Love these ones in my favourite colour turquoise. :) No problem showing up in wellies at my office. :)

The blazer is a new addition in my closet, I got it on sale, 50 % off but got it in a size larger than usual (the only one left) and its somewhat baggy for my liking. I had to belt it to make it look like it fits. :)

Mary Walker from Mary Walker Designs was so kind to gift me the liebster award. She states in her blog, "The Liebster award is given to upcoming bloggers who have 200 followers or less. The meaning of Liebster in German is sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome". 
She has created 11 questions for me to answer, so here goes:

1. When are you most alert morning or night? 
    Mornings, Im an early bird. :)
2. What is you favorite food?
    Hmm tricky this one, but Im really fond of chicken.
3. Do you prefer to be inside or outside?
    Indoors, although I venture out occasionally taking my dog for a walk. :)
4. What color makes you smile?
5. Do you like your name?
    Yes, especially since its kind of international. ;) Im Monica. :)
6. Would you consider yourself as a quiet, calm person or an active person?
    Im definitely a quiet, calm person staying in the background. My choice of clothing might tell you otherwise though.
7. Would you rather be by yourself or with lots of other people?
    I prefer being in my own company, Im a loner I guess.
8. Do you find it hard to answer personal questions?
    Not at all. :)
9. What do you do when you get angry?
    If I get really mad I tend to throw things or slam the doors like a rebelling teenager. ;)
10. What do you do when you are happy?
      Just pottering around humming, cuddle my doggie.
11. Who are you most likely to trust? 
      My significant other. :)

Please do stop by Mary Walker Designs as she does the most amazing drawings of her outfits! :)
Im not going to tag anyone as Im rather busy prepping and packing for hols. So long gals and take care! :) 

What Im wearing:
Blazer from River Island (new/sale)
Top from M&Co (new/sale)
Skinny jeans from Cubus (old)
Wellies from Ilse Jacobsen (old)

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onsdag 11. juli 2012

What I Wore Wednesday : Feelin blue

Finally I managed to come up with an oufit for this skirt of mine. Ive had it for 8 years and havent worn it before......:P Thats an achievement I would say, lingering in my wardrobe for that long. *giggles*

My underpants/leggins got the most attention though, dont they look cute peeking out underneath the skirt. Im not sure what these pants are called in English, its the same panties that women wore back in the good ole days,being used underneath dresses and skirts. If you happen to know the English name, please enlighten me. :)

A close up of the print.

Im working on the head less chicken shots, at least I got one photo with head this time. ;) *laughs*

What I wore:

Cardigan from J Crew (via Ebay)
Top from H&M (new)
Skirt from Noa Noa (old)
Underpants/leggings from Noa Noa (old)
Flats from Vagabond (old)

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tirsdag 10. juli 2012

Colour blocking

I love to play around with colours in my outfits, Im especially fond of colourblocking and this month's theme at EBEW suits me just fine. :) If you havent allready guessed, its colour blocking. ;)

A close up, please excuse the headless chicken shots, both my hair and face were not cooperative at the time.

My favourite item in this attire must be the shoes, I adore these yellow beauties. :)

What I wore:

Cardigan from B-Young
Top from H&M
Skirt from Boden
Flats from Fly London

Im linking up with Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style and the Colour blocking challenge at EveryBodyEveryWear (EBEW).

Color Blocking | Everybody, Everywear

onsdag 4. juli 2012

What I wore Wednesday - The Zebra Edition

My work outfit for today, felt really pretty in my recent dress obsession, this insanely cute frock which has mini zebras scattered all over.  It finally it found its way to my closet, a safe haven, I hope it will like it here up north. ;) I will only let it out when temperature allows it. :P *giggles*

The Zebra is really special to me, a treasure I would call it. It first caught my eye when the lovely Rachel from Rachel the Hat portrayed it on her blog in the most fabulous way. By then I had fallen. hard.

As the day went by I couldnt get it out of my head, no matter what I did. I had allready googled the brand only to discover that the dress was only available in shops in UK. I felt so sad, wrecking my brain how to cope with the fact that it would never be mine. Kind of ridiculous as its only a dress, but then again its not only a dress its THE DRESS with ZEBRAS,! Hehehee

I then got this idea, I sent the lovely Rachel from Rachel the Hat an email, explaining my cravings for the dress and if she knew of anyone who would help out a damsel in distress. :P  Never was a happier day then when I got her reply, she would be happy to buy it for me and ship it to Norway. Rachel, you made my day!!!! Sooo kind and generous of her, Rachel dearest I owe you all!! If it wasnt for Rachel this baby would have been miles away and no way near my closet. Im forever obliged to you utterly lovely Rachel. Please do swing by Rachel the Hat to see her bright, colourful and fab outfits, she is a huge inspiration to me! :)

A close up of the print, cute right?. :)

What I wore:

Cardigan from H&M
Dress from Peacocks
Boots (old)

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søndag 1. juli 2012


On Sunday a fortnight ago I attended the christening to my sister's youngest child, my dearest baby niece. :) It was a rainy day so had to snap some pics indoors before we dashed off to church. This dress is a favourite of mine,simply gorgeous, nothing less. :)

My mum in her traditional Norwegian costume, holding her cute as a button granddaughter, the first one in our family, we have all fallen head over heels in love with this baby girl, fussing over her constantly. :)

I volunteered to make some cakes for the party taking place later in the day. :) I made a red velvet cake along with some pink (very) cupcakes. The frosting should have been more pastel pink but I added too much colour...ups... ;) It didnt affect the taste though, *nom nom* :P

The lovely decorated table at the venue where the party was held.

And on to some more outfit pics..

What I wore:

Cardigan from Mango (new)
Dress from Dorothy Perkins (new)
Turquoise pumps from Pataugas

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