onsdag 27. juni 2012

What I wore Wednesday: colour bonanza!

Another work outfit, Im rather pleased with this one, one of my absolute favourites! :) Goin a little crazy colourwise, just the way I like it. :P *hehehe*

I was out shopping with my mum when the sales assistant in a clothing shop approached me with her praises for my outfit, in particular the skirt. :) One of the best compliments ever received, my mum just looked  at me, quite surprised. :) We were quite taken aback the two of us, its not everyday I get complimented by strangers and not to forget a sales assistant in a clothing store. ;) My mum always tells me to go easy on the shopping, perhaps she wont mention it again, as she now has learned that her daughter got style. ;) Haha! I wish *laughs*

A Marilyn moment as the wind grabs my skirt. I love the poooofiness of this skirt though. :)

I changed the flats for my nude pumps just to see how it panned out. I think this combo is ok as well. :)

What Im wearing:

Top from H&M (new)
Cardigan from H&M (new)
Skirt from Gudrun Sjoden
Flats from Vagabond (oldies)
Nude pumps from Geox

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søndag 24. juni 2012

Up in the sky

A sunday in the beginning of June we attended an airshow at the local airport. This event was arranged to celebrate the airport being 75 years! :) I have always been fascinated by planes so I was quite excited! :) Me and nearly 35000 visitors during the weekend, very popular show indeed!! :)

A closeup of the same plane as in the first picture. This is an Antonov.

One of my favourite planes at the show, a seaplane called Catalina G-PBYA.

I particulary liked the lady in the front. ;)

Here I am then, posing as miss pick me up, *laughs* Dont I look the part? *lol* Im workin this very typical Norwegian attire, a parka jacket with jeans and sneakers. My parka is somewhat unusual in colour, most tend to wear black, brown or grey. But Im all for bright colours as you may know, this colour is called arctic. Although it was a sunny day, a cold wind was blowin so I resorted to my parka and hoodie with jeans.

One of the highlights during the day was this acrobat perfomance by the british team called Aerostar Formation. I dont know how many times I ooohed and aaaahed, a spectacular show indeed!!

More pictures to come in another post. :)

onsdag 20. juni 2012

What I wore Wednesday: Goin in circles

This is what I wore to work a couple of weeks ago, showing my everlasting love for Boden. :) I never thought I should be mad about circles, but here we go. ;) As always I threw on a cardigan for good measure or for me being a freeezing stick. ;) Hehehee. However I did not freeze this day but somehow I always feel "naked" without a cardi.

Sorry for the headless chicken shots but my serious face didnt cut it, I looked like crankypants. ;)

One without the cardi to show the dress to the fullest while my doggie is having a sit down. :) She can sit like that for hours, just peering out in the distance, watching for cars, people, cats, whatever grabs her attention. :)

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from H&M (new)
Dress from Boden (new)
Flats from Vagabond (old)

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torsdag 14. juni 2012

FC: Colored bottoms or Printed Bottoms

Today`s (Thursday) theme for the ongoing fashion challenge is colored bottoms or printed bottoms. Yesterday I received these bright and happy leggings, I hope they make do for a pair of bottoms. :) And being BOTH coloured and printed, challenge mission completed. :) I had so much fun taking these pictures as I hired my hubby as my personal paparazzi. :) We laughed all the way, me making all kinds of silly poses. ;)

YaY!! My first jumping pic, Im soooooo excited!! A fashion/style blog isnt complete without a jumping shot, right?.;) Im really amazed how my hair turned out. :P *giggles*

My doggie got all worked up from me jumping all over the place so she made an attempt to stop me from acting silly. ;) Isnt she the cuuuuuuutest ever!! *beams*

A headless chicken shot which I do most of the time. ;)

What Im wearing: Tunic (old)
                            Tee (HM old)
                            Leggings from Modcloth (new)
                            Pumps (old)

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onsdag 13. juni 2012

What I wore Wednesday: End of May

Oh, how I miss those summery days in the end of May!! It got unusually hot for that time of year, one day it was 30 C!!! Well it was about time to let my new maxidress roam the office and whatnot. :) This is my first maxi, Im soooo excited cause I have been thinking maxis were not for me. This dress proved me wrong, luckily. ;) Im head over heals in love with the print, thats what first caught my eye, yea I know Im mad about prints, cant help it sorry. :P

I tossed the cardi away for a moment, I even got a little sunburned on my shoulders and upper arms during that hot week.

What Im wearing: Maxi dress from Indiska
                            Cardigan from HM (old)
                            Black flats from Vagabond (old)

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Fashion challenge: This or That! Summer trends style

Yay! Im so excited, I just happend to stumble upon a fashion blog challenge as I was browsing through my google reader list. The challenge takes place this week with a new theme for each day. Todays (Wednesday) assignment is Tribal or Floral, not too difficult this one for a flower power lover myself. :) I chose Floral of course! :) Well without further ado, here is my contribution in all things floral. :)

Im standing in front of my frontdoor, working those flower pots as suitable props. ;)

Im wearing: dress from Indiska
                   pumps from Pataugas

For more information about the challenge and its participants, have a look at Megan Mae Daily.

onsdag 6. juni 2012

What I wore Wednesday - 23/05/12

Finally, summer arrived! for one week at least. ;) My dresses had all been lingering for too long in the closet, time to let them loooooose! :)

Endelig ble det sommer på oss også, iallefall for en uke. ;) Skal se at det ble første og siste smak av sommer for  denne gang, man vet jo aldri på disse kanter av verden. :) Endelig fikk jeg tatt kjolene mine på luftings, begynner med denne herlige paisley varianten som for øvrig er en nyanskaffelse. :)

Here I have unbuttoned the cardigan, showing more of the beautiful paisley print.

A close up, love the mix of colours in this dress, lime, pink, purple, blue. :)

Dress from Indiska (brand new)
Cardigan from H&M (2012)
Green pumps from Chelsea Crew via Ruche (out of stock).

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tirsdag 5. juni 2012

Shopping May 2012 part one

Shopping May 2012 part one

Shopping May 2012 part one by izzywizz featuring a rose print dress

Ouch, I went a little over board with my shopping during May, more like frocks mad by the look of it. ;) *grins* And this is only the beginning....

Auda, gikk på en aldri så liten shopping smell  i mai, ble vilt forelsket i flere kjoler som jeg bare MÅTTE ha, selvsagt. ;) Hehee, kjolene er heldigvis billige, aldri så galt at det ikke er godt for noe. ;) Men dette er bare begynnelsen på mitt shoppingeventyr i mai...

Indiska Blenda paisley dress - only available in Indiska stores in Scandinavia. An online shop for  EU will be launching autumn 2012. Indiska is a Swedish clothing brand.

Indiska Mercurius dress - only available in Indiska stores in Scandinavia. Im so excited about this dress since its my first maxi dress! *yay* I have always believed I wouldnt look good in maxis but this dress proved me wrong. :)

Indiska Aponi dress - only available in Indiska stores in Scandinavia. My favourite!!! love it to bits! :) You know me and shirtdresses, love the vintage look from this one.

Indiska Eco delight dress - only available in Indiska stores.

Dorothy Perkins blue floral prom dress. This is my first dress from DP and Im really pleased with this dress, its utterly gorgeous. Im planning to wear it in a christening later this month, cant wait to show it off. ;)

Boden casual jersey dress. Another Boden hit in my closet, cant go wrong with Boden (mostly). :)

Indiska Acki princess dress - only available in Indiska stores.