onsdag 4. mars 2015

Birdies and plaids

Spring is coming according to the calendar. The weatherman not so much, hehehe. What better way to celebrate spring than wearing some chirping birdies, they are just as cheerful as the jolly bunch sitting in the trees outside my house. :) I love to wake up to birds chattering. :)

Its the first time Im pairing bird print with plaids, seee it totally works!! :) Im ever so excited when I come up with new ways to mix clothes, Im constantly challenging myself in order to evolve/ perfect my style. :)

Playing with my full skirt, I never seem to get tired of that. ;) Sorry for being so short but Im not feelin it tonight, my head is at another place and Im really knackered. Will do better next time. :)

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from Poem by Oliver Bonas (old)
Dress from Ellos (sale)
Belt from Mango (old)
Shoes from Bianco (old)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Anonym3/05/2015

    Super combination! It totally works!
    Enjoy the birdies.

  2. As long as you keep creating such gorgeous and inspirational new clothes mix-ups, your posts can be any length! You just prove that navy can be colourful - great!

    If only the little Scandinavian birds had all those colours... I do like to be woken up too, by their little voices. This week we've had two digits temperatures in Cph, and lots of sunshine! Hope it lasts as some Norwegians are due to arrive in a very few weeks :-)