torsdag 26. september 2013

Maternity leave fashion :)

Hia gals! :) I have finally found time to get back into the outfit groove, hurrah! :) Im sneaking out when my little one is sound asleep during morning hours. Warning I might look a little tired though. :P
I wore this outfit yesterday when I went shopping with a friend of mine whos also on maternity leave, she`s got a little boy at the same age as my Klara. :) We brought the babies with us of course, they slept in their buggies, very convenient when shopping. ;)

Im really enjoying motherhood and staying at home, but some days its quite boring. I do really miss work and my colleagues, much more than I imagined I would. Actually I feel like my brain has shut down for time being, Im really looking forward to get back in the swing of things at work. Not to forget all the fun outfits I will put together, not much fun in sweatpants and t-shirts which Im wearing at home these days, Im a real slob. :P

My hair is getting quite long as well, havent seen the hairdresser since June I think. :P That doesnt bother me too much as Im growing my hair, I would love a longer hairdo. My hair is still quite full and thick from the pregnancy, I hope it will last forever. :)

Im sporting my new top, a french bulldog covered in sequins, how could I not buy it! :) It looks really cool and being a frenchie mum its mandatory to wear one. ;)

A close up and behold - a muffin top!! Ive always wanted one, courtesey of being pregnant, thank you very much. ;) :P

What Im wearing:

Blazer (ancient)
French bulldog top from Lindex (recent)
Jeans from Cubus (Norwegian brand)
Ballerinas from New Look

 My four legged pride and joy, Una - the French bulldog!

And to throw in some more cuteness, I give you my beautiful daughter, she is 10 weeks now. :) I love her to bits!! <3 >3<3

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9 kommentarer:

  1. You look gorgeous, as does your lovely daughter and your sweet pup! Great to see you!

    1. Aaww how sweet of you Sheila. :) It feels great to be back! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, so much loveliness - you, Una and Klara all look adorable! Love the cute t-shirt and the blazer. So happy to hear you are enjoying being a mum! xxxx

    1. Aaaww you are being too kind. :) Yea its wonderful to be a mom. :) But its not honky dory all the time I assure you. ;)

  3. Anonym9/26/2013

    You look great, and your little one is a sweetie. I too have muffin top and am not so thrilled - all those wee low-rise jeans I used to love wearing are rather hideous on me now. It's nice to have friends with newborns to hang with - they can help with the tedium. :) I haven't worked for two years now and, especially itch the baby, I also feel that my brain is mush. Every brain cell is working to care for him! Xo

    1. Hi there Kelly! :) Thanks for your sweet comment!
      Well I could certainly do without a muffin top, its only 10 weeks since I gave birth so hopefully it will disappear, wishful thinking. ;) Hehe Yea I hear you, low rise jeans look awful on me too, I prefer high waist ones. You are so right, my mind is only focused on Klara these days. :)

  4. Well you look so darling, and so teeny! Postpartum has been kind to you, indeed. :)

    Klara is SO SO SO CUTE! Oh my goodness, I just want to give her a big hug. If she wants an American boyfriend, I am sure she and Angus would be perfect for each other.

    1. Aaaww you are so sweet Dina! :) Yes I guess Im lucky, Im back to my pre pregnancy weight but Ive got a muffin top now, so my body has changed, as expected. ;)

      Yea, Klara is cute as a button, I just wanna scoop her up in my arms and cuddle her all the time. :) Im sure she is game for an American boyfriend, I can totally picture her and Angus together. :) xxx

  5. aww, what a cute little t-shirt!