fredag 31. oktober 2014

Casual Fridays - the patterned top/jumper edition

Hia ladies! How you doin? Im sorry for the infrequent posting (yet again) but turns out Im pretty exhausted juggling working full time, taking care of a toddler and run a household so come evenings Im a mess or couchpotato to be precise. ;) I will try to do a better job at blogging, bear with me please. :)

Well as Im running from chore to chore I tend to favour the more practical outfits. For me such outfits consist of jeans/jeggings paired with a top/jumper. To prevent them from looking boring I try to wear an interesting and eyecatching top/jumper. This outfit is the perfect example of my preppy casual style. :) My sister spotted this top in Copenhagen and of course I couldnt leave the store without a frenchie on my chest!! :) A frenchieface covered in sequins, whats not to love. ;)

What Im wearing:
Top from Esprit (recent)
Jeggings from Dr.Denim (recent)
Shoes from Softinos (recent)

As the weather has been pretty awful lately (rainstorms and a lot of rain, typical autumn) I havent got the chance to step outside for photos. So here are some indoors shots using my Iphone with my work office as backdrop. :) Looking at this outfit you might think where have the colours gone, hehehe. I guess the muted scandinavian style has rubbed off, but I can cope with it as long as there is a wolf involved. ;)

Cardigan from Lindex (recent)
Top from Esprit (recent)

Jumper from H&M (recent)

See, I havent totally forgotten my colourful self. ;)

Jumper from Boden (last year)
Shirt from Lindex (last year)

Well as you can see Im hard at working out this sewing business, Im slowly getting there. :) This is supposed to look like a dress for my little girl in the end. ;)
Have a lovely weekend! :)

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