torsdag 27. november 2014

Foxy lady

Hia ladies! Long time no see! My computer let me down big time as one of the hard drives died.*Gaaaah* And needless to say it took some time to get my PC back on track and I lost all data stored on the hard drive. Booo! Well suits me right for not having a backup. ;) Ive learned my lesson now and have set up a regular backup session once a week. I wont let this happen one more time! Luckily none of my pics were on that particular hard drive but I lost some valuable data.

And yes there is a new fox in town or mutiple I should say. ;) I was after this dress when in Copenhagen this autumn but the shop was closed so I had it shipped to me instead. :) I love the fox print of course but the dress itself came up short, I prefer below knee or just above knee length. So I felt a little out of sorts when wearing it but my colleagues paid me so many compliments and jokes I might add. :) Somehow this dress made them laugh, so I was the talk of the office that day. :P
If you havent noticed already my cardi sticks to the term woodland animals as well, fox, squirrel and rabbit. So cute! :)

Here is one shot without the cardi to show you the sleeves. Im too much of a freezing stick to wear it cardiless.

Close up with cardi.

Close up without cardi.

Outfit details
Cardi from Louche (recent)
Dress from Mania Copenhagen (recent)
Boots from Art (old)

Yay! I have made my first toddler girl dress. :) Im really suprised it turned out so well. :) The sewing class has ended for now but Ive enrolled on a new class starting in January. Must keep up this sewing bee hobby as its so much fun! :)

Im currently sewing another dress using the same pattern as my first dress.  But this time around Ive chosen a non elastic cotton material, velour. Well thats it for now, see you soonish! :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Oh I LOVE the baby girl dress. So beautiful. :)

    And you as a foxy lady, yes, definitely. Adorable!

    1. Oh youre sooo sweet Dina! Thanks a lot for you compliment regarding the made by me baby girl dress, means a lot to me! :) Im enjoying sewing much more than anticipated, I feel really relaxed when sewing and thoroughly enjoying myself, taking my time stitch by stitch, heheheee :)

  2. I love your quirky style. Another great outfit! Lynne x