mandag 24. september 2012

Flooofy it is :)

I feel most at home in my floofy, swirly dresses and Im only missing the apron from being 50s housewife. :) Mind you I would make a terrible housewife other than looking the part. :P My domestic skills are nothing to write home about, Im lousy at making dinner but at least I make decent cakes. ;)

I have the same dress in red as well, previously seen here. Im so glad I bought them both, Im really really fond of them and can see me wearing them lots and lots. :)

Another kitty party pooper, this time its my parents old cat which they left with us when they moved to the city. You see Im living in the same house where I grew up and the farm is my fathers but soon to be ours - me and mr. Izzywizz ( in a few months).

A close up as usual. :) Gah, I have been trying to get my hands on one of the dresses from the Missoni collaboration with Lindex but to no avail *le sigh*. I even signed up as a VIP customer, having access to the webshop at this evening but I had to wait in que for more than 1,5 hours before I got in, and by then everything was sold out.........I have a new chance at midnight but then the shop will be open to everyone, talk about online ques then *djeeeeeeeeeeeeez* Some shops will open early tomorrow but then I will be at work......*ponders*

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from Mango
Dress from Ellos (Swedish brand)
Belt from Noa Noa
Tights from Sneaky Fox
Shoes from Din Sko (Swedish brand).

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mandag 17. september 2012


I love wearing red during autumn, make the rainy days more bearable. :) Luckily I got a few pics inbetween showers. I really dont mind the rain though, love to slouch indoors under a blanket with candles lit and in the company of a good book, my ipad or some telly. :)

Uh oh Im lost for words tonight, Im terrified as Im going to the dentist first thing tomorrow, cant think of anything else. :( I really hate hate hate hate hate to see the dentist as Im so scared shitless, Im on the verge of throwing up the minute I set my foot at the dentists. Oh this is going to be a sleepless night......

Im showing off my neweest shoe love, clearly a pair of burgundy t-bars were missin in my wardrobe. ;) Everything else is old stuff, but I feel thrilled when I come up with new ways to style them, beats the feeling of a new item in fact! :) I must really shop my closet more often!

And a close up as usual. :)

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from Louche
Top from HM
Skirt from Boden
Shoes from Din Sko (recent/Norwegian brand)

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mandag 10. september 2012

A bugs life

Hi there, feeling a little bugsy today? ;) Im covered in bugsies and I like it! :P Actually I cant stand those crawling little monsters but spread all over a dress they dont bug me at all. *grins*

Seems like Im enjoying the wind machine (natural) here. *hheheeee* My colleagues paid me so many compliments when I wore this outfit, the dress in particular. I felt really happy prancing around in my bug delight, I never thought this quirky beauty would be so attractive. :) I really appreciate every compliment that comes my way, makes my day! :) As much as I like to dress up for my own, its really lovely when others notice as well. :)

Looking quite perky here, I just cant stop smiling when wearing this dress. Who would have thought bugs would make me so happy. ;)

A close up of the bugs in all their glory. :)

One of my cats decided to join the party, meet miss Ninjo. :)

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from HM (recent)
Dress from Dorothy Perkins
Belt from Noa Noa (new/sale)
Tights from Lindex
Shoes from Chelsea Crew


Im participating in the dress week of horrors hosted by the fabulous Sheila from Ephemera.
Bugs can be pretty horrifying right? :)

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lørdag 8. september 2012

Shop my style Friday

Ok, Im well aware of friday long gone but I hope I can get away with posting this on a saturday instead. My posting schedule is a bit rigid at the moment, blog fiddling do take awhole lotta time, especially when you dont know what youre at. :P

As you may know Im really into perusing internet for new fabulous garments, so I thought a my favourite styles weekly post would be fun. I hope you will find it of interest as well. :) Shop my style is a weekly post highlighting my most recent clothes obsessions and possible purchases. Well onto my favourites of the week:

New Look

YaY, I couldnt believe my eyes when I spotted these flats!! They are from the same line as my sky high heels (see header) You have no idea how I have wished for New Look to use the same fabric in another model with less of a heel. My prayers were heard apparently. :) Needless to say these are in the mail as we speak. :)

El Naturalista

Come autumn, come ankle booties. :) Im a huge fan of bootsies and my go to brand in this regard is El Naturalista, really funky ankle boots. I cant decide wether I prefer the blue or the brown one. :)

Sneaky Fox

I really want to sing my praises for these tights, the best tights ever, onesize and no droopiness. The quality is excellent too although a little on the expensive side. But well worth the money! What I like most about them though are all the fantastic prints and patterns. For you Americans,Modcloth are carrying some of their models. :)

New Look

Aaaw, I adore this blouse, sooooooo cuuuuuuute!!

People Tree
Oh, an umbrella printed dress with long sleeves, whats not to like. :) The perfect piece for a Scandinavian autumn. ;) This is on my wishlist for now, regular price is quite expensive (well for me anyway). :)

mandag 3. september 2012

An elephant touch

Yea, seems like an elephant has trashed my blog lately. ;) As you might have noticed I have been fiddling with  scary html and whatnot. Risky business Id say. :P Its a work in progress for a while yet so bear with me. :)

I have for some time now wanted to make my blog to look more izzywizz style instead of using a freebie premade template. Im soooooo passed that.....*lol*  I have decided to join an online html and CSS (dont ask) blog course. Wish me luck!

Speaking of elephants, Im actually wearing an elephant pendant necklace! :) Im a collector of animal pendant necklaces, my favourite animals being elephants and owls. :) Im really fascinated by both, so intelligent and wise animals. Watch out for more elephants and owls stomping/flying by. :)

A close up of the necklace. Such a cute little fellow. :)

And to sum it all up, a pair of workhorse pumps (I hope you are not tired of them). :)

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from HM (recent)
Top from HM
Elephant necklace from Oliver Bonas
Skirt from Mandco (new/sale)
Pumps from Pataugas

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