søndag 21. april 2013

Beware of the bump!

Hia ladies! :) Im so sorry for my erratic blogposts, I have been really busy in real life and growing a baby is hard work I tell ya. ;) Im still working full time but then Im all out of energy by the end of the day, ending up as a coachpotato every evening. Besides being tired I have no other issues, cant complain really. :) But my bump has grown a lot in the past few weeks, hippostyle here I come. :P

Mum to be pose, hehehe. ;) Speaking of style, mine has been going down hill for sure after bump becoming humongous, I cant fit it in my regular clothes so have had to resort to maternity wear only, gaaah! More dull and dreary clothes are hard to find. Add to the fact that I dont own that many maternity outfits so Im on repeat stylewise. I have actually started to care less about my appearance, bump is not going to get any smaller and I have only 3 months left before I hopefully may bid goodbye to maternity wear, wont miss them for sure! ;)

Im very fortunate, Ive only put on 18 pounds for now, mostly around my waist and bump, keeping my slender/skinny frame. I really dont mind putting on weight, its good for me as Im too skinny. Im 27 weeks now, only one week left until Im in the last trimester and 6 months pregnant. :) Time flies!

A close up of my precious cannonball. ;)

What Im wearing:

cardi from Poem
maternity dress from HM
maternity leggings from Mamalicious
wellies from Ilse Jacobsen

Im adding another photo of cannonball, a snaphot in the bathroom at work.

Hubby and I have also been busy renovating our kitchen, we have been without kitchen for 4 weeks now, doing campingstyle indoors, Im really fed up with microwave food and take aways, not to forget doing my dishwashing in the shower. Our new kitchen is due to be delivered tomorrow so by the end of the upcoming week everything is back to normal kitchenwise. I cant wait!!