mandag 22. juni 2015

Boden by me #2

Weee here`s a full rainbow for ya! :) Lately Ive been drawn to wearing skirts instead of dresses. A dress is pretty and all but doesnt require the amount of styling as a skirt where you need to find a top and cardi to match or mismatch. ;) My newest addition to my growing collection of retroinspired full skirts is of course this beauty by Boden. What can I say it was love at first sight online. :)

I wore this to work on a sunny day (they are few and far between) and this was just the perfect outfit. :) I really love the fit of this skirt, quite fitted at the waist and upper hip and then flares out.

I decided to match stripes on stripes to make the outfit a bit more interesting, I love to have fun with my clothes. :)

Finally I have decided on the outfit for my meetings in Brussels later this week. I hope this dress from Boden will see me safely through it all, its the more modest of dresses I own and its navy which is a corporate colour. Wish me luck ladies, Im sure gonna need it!!

What I wore:

T-shirt top from Kappahl (recent)
Cardi from H&M (old)
Cara skirt from Boden (recent)
Shoes from Vagabond (old)

tirsdag 9. juni 2015

Boden by Me

I attended a confirmation dinner party for one of my cousins a Sunday in May. And I wore this, covered in Boden from head to toe (nearly). ;) I love the fact that Boden always have some vintage inspired clothes in their collections. :) This is the vintage bow dress and I think it lives up to its name. :)

Lately I have become more and more infatuated by vintage/retro inspired clothes, admiring the pin up girls who lives out my secret dream. One of my guilty pleasures is to read vintage style blogs/insta blogs, soooooo many pretty outfits Im nearly having a heart attack. ;) Sadly Im not able to wear that kind of clothes in my everyday life, its not compatible with having a toddler and I would look like I was going to a costume party everyday. ;) Oh well only in my dreams then..

Im wearing this lovely, bright yellow trenchcoat from Boden, its from the spring collection last year but this is the first time Im wearing it. :) I think it goes rather well with my dress. :)
Bleurgh, have you heard summer is off? Im having a hard time dressing these days, all I want to wear is bright, colourful, summery outfits but the weather certainly isnt keen on that idea. :( Its been raining and so cold we might as well  been living on Iceland for that matter. We havent even touched the 20 Celsius yet and thats a disgrace at this time of year. Im so fed up with the freakish weather and feel like my inspiration and mojo has turned the blind eye and left me in jeans and boring top for weeks on end.......Please Please Summer will you turn up sooon?
And if that wasnt enough I have a clothing dilemma that has left me in a bit of a puddle. Im going to Brussel later this month on a work trip, attending a couple of meetings in the EU district. Im scared shitless to say the least (iiiikkk - first time in Brussel and first time attending an EU meeting, all on my own). And what to wear??? I dont think my fondness of colours and novel patterns will go down well with the EU crowd. *giggles* Formal clothes is so not me and I dont own any such garment either. Luckily I still have some time left to figure this one out....

What Im wearing:

Fifties cardigan from Boden (SS 2015)
Vintage bow dress from Boden (SS 2015)
Trenchcoat from Boden (SS 2014)
Shoes from Pataugas (old)