søndag 22. juni 2014

My top picks from the Boden preview winter collection 2014

YaY! The winter preview is here! :) While we wait for the big clearance sale to take off in July we might as well spend some time lookin at the pretties on offer for those cold dreary days ahead - winter is coming someone told me. ;). Even if its hard to think of wintery clothes now Im always excited to see the new stuff. :) Who isnt? :) Allright lets get busy. :)

Millie skirt - squirrel print
SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart is racing and my head is spinning when I look at this print, squirrels can you believe it! Im definitely gonna preorder this skirt, that print is gonna sell like hot cakes I believe. :) Besides I need several new skirts in my wardrobe so this is a done deal. :) You will find the same print for a shirt as well. :)

Hartland dress
And speaking of squirrels, if you dont like squirrels in a skirt then you might prefer a whole dress of them. ;)
Im drooling over this dress as you can imagine, but Im not sure about the fit. We`ll see. :)
Selina dress
Luckily I dont have to whine about lack of beautiful dresses this time around. ;) I was instantly drawn to this print, I love red and grey together. I havent bought any of the Selina dresses from the past collections so this will be a new to me fit.

Curved neck detail dress
Again a print that caught my eye! :) Lovely little birdies on a line chirping away. :)

Cloudspotter jumper
Such a pretty sweater dont you agree? A stand out  print ticks all my boxes, must buy. :)

Well these are my favourites from the upcoming winter season. Im not feeling let down like I did with the autumn preview so thats good. :) Speaking of which, you may take a look at my top picks from the autumn preview as you will find some the of items in this preview as well. ( I managed to find some goodies but had to dig around a bit). ;)
The usual code PRUK works for 20% off. :) The code is due to expire the 1th of July so you have to act fast. :)

Im doing a top picks from the mini boden collection as well,  baby girl there are some serious cuteness in store for you (not much of a baby anymore mind, turning 1 year next month). :)
Have fun browsing the winter collection! :)

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