tirsdag 24. juni 2014

My favourites from the Mini Boden winter preview 2014

This is the first time Im doing a picks post from the Mini Boden Collection but my little one is coming of age now and I think its only appropriate of me to show her favourites too. ;)

My favourites from the Baby Boden line:

Applique cord pinnie
Soooo many pretty dresses to choose from, I love them all! :) The Elephant is one of my favourite animals so I have to buy this dress for my little girl. :)

Applique jersey dress
Im also obsessed by anything owly, this is soooooooo cute!!! I love Boden jersey dresses for myself cause they are so comfortable, I think the same goes for my baby girl, I want her to be comfortable and able to toss and turn as she pleases. :) She has just started crawling and is all over the place. :)

Charming printed cord dress
I love the print on this dress, soooo cute! I hope the cord isnt too stiff.

My baby knitted dress
This sooooooooooo pretty, did I mention I love birdies too. ;) I bought last years penguin knit dress and it is really soft. I believe the same goes for this years version as well. :)

Patchwork applique t-shirt
Surprise, surprise an elephant again. ;) My little one is starting nursery/daycare in August and I need some more tops for her. This would look so cute on her. :)

Heart patch cord trousers
And these to go with the top. :)

My favourites from the girls line

Button pinafore dress
Im also browsing the girls line this time as my baby girl will turn 1,5 year during winter and will then fit the smallest size of the girls line. :) Birds on a turqouise background, whats not to like? :)

Printed tea dress
This dress is sooo beautiful, love the bright red and pink together. :)

Pretty printed skirt
Love this skirt, pop of colours. :)

Patchwork applique t-shirt
I have to buy a squirrel item for my little one as well. :)

Novelty tights
OMG! How cool are these foxy tights! A must buy!!

Phew! Long post, I hope you didnt find it too boring. ;)

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I always get excited about the boden winter line, it's just too cute and cozy.

    1. Many thanks for visiting Sara! :) Yup I always love the previews, Im always excited to see the new stuff even if its months away. ;)