onsdag 27. februar 2013

Belly hideout

Hello there! I guess you may want to know who is hanging out in my belly? :)

And I couldnt be happier!!! <3 <3 <3 We have already found a name for her, gonna name her after my beloved grandmother. :)
Im so sorry for being absent these past weeks, Ive been feeling out of sorts due to a heavy cold and lack of energy, feeling tired all the time, pregnancy related. Im 19 weeks now and boy have my bump increased in size!!! Im really starting to show no doubt! I have been taking photos of my latest outfits, gonna post them later.
My little peanut has also started to let me know of her presence, she is giving me gentle nudges at all times now and sometimes it feels like she is throwing a party or something. :) Its the best feeling in the world!! :)

Needless to say I have been on a crazy baby girl clothing shopping spree, oh how I love to buy those cuuuuuuute pink clothes! :) But it has to be bright pink not pastel pink, thats not my style. :) Poor baby girl, like mother like daughter, hehehee. :)
Here are some supercute baby girl clothes for ya. :)

lørdag 2. februar 2013

Maternity style - week 15

Oh Boden how I love theeee! :) Im becoming more and more infatuated by Boden, its my favourite brand! :) I was lucky enough to snag not only one but three dresses on clearance sale, YaY! :) Jersey dresses are my love for life I think. ;)

I actually had to go up one size in this dress and it fits me like a glove, my normal size would have definitely been to tight. This dress runs small which is seldom the case with Boden but it happens. I would advice you to always pay attention to the garment measurements.

An aspiring bump I would say, hehehe :) At week 15 I still have no problem wearing my regular dresses and tights.

What Im wearing: Cardigan - HM - Dress - Boden drapey jersey dress (AW12) - Tights - Cubus - Boots - Art shoes

This is a new dress I bought some months ago but which I didnt wear pre pregnancy. I was wondering how  it would look on as me being bumpy and all, cause its quite thight, but boy did I rock it :) I felt so proud strutting my bump (stuff) :)

Its a jersey dress which means its quite stretchy and I felt really comfortable all day long. I think this must be one of my favourite outfits, I love everything about it, the colours, shapes and pattern mix. :) Sometimes one just get it right. :)

What Im wearing: Cardigan - King Louie - Dress - Wow to go - Tights - Sneaky Fox - Shoes - Din Sko