mandag 30. juni 2014


I am up to no good these days, being covered in monkeys. :P Another animal for my wardrobezoo, check! I do love this cheeky dress, its a lot of fun! I received several compliments by my workmates, I thought they would find this dress too childish and not suitable for the office but it was quite the opposite. :)

 It seems like Im leaning more and more towards childish prints on my dresses, an evolving style but not maturing as expected when the big 4-0 is lurking in the distance. ;) I think I have kept my inner child for sure. :)

Allright, one cant wear a monkeydress and dont act silly. So here is my first attempt at impersonating a monkey. Not quite there yet, hehehee

Monkeyface!! Success!! *laugh*

Outfit details:
Dress from One Off (new - Danish brand)
Tanktop from H&M
Shoes from Vagabond (old)

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tirsdag 24. juni 2014

My favourites from the Mini Boden winter preview 2014

This is the first time Im doing a picks post from the Mini Boden Collection but my little one is coming of age now and I think its only appropriate of me to show her favourites too. ;)

My favourites from the Baby Boden line:

Applique cord pinnie
Soooo many pretty dresses to choose from, I love them all! :) The Elephant is one of my favourite animals so I have to buy this dress for my little girl. :)

Applique jersey dress
Im also obsessed by anything owly, this is soooooooo cute!!! I love Boden jersey dresses for myself cause they are so comfortable, I think the same goes for my baby girl, I want her to be comfortable and able to toss and turn as she pleases. :) She has just started crawling and is all over the place. :)

Charming printed cord dress
I love the print on this dress, soooo cute! I hope the cord isnt too stiff.

My baby knitted dress
This sooooooooooo pretty, did I mention I love birdies too. ;) I bought last years penguin knit dress and it is really soft. I believe the same goes for this years version as well. :)

Patchwork applique t-shirt
Surprise, surprise an elephant again. ;) My little one is starting nursery/daycare in August and I need some more tops for her. This would look so cute on her. :)

Heart patch cord trousers
And these to go with the top. :)

My favourites from the girls line

Button pinafore dress
Im also browsing the girls line this time as my baby girl will turn 1,5 year during winter and will then fit the smallest size of the girls line. :) Birds on a turqouise background, whats not to like? :)

Printed tea dress
This dress is sooo beautiful, love the bright red and pink together. :)

Pretty printed skirt
Love this skirt, pop of colours. :)

Patchwork applique t-shirt
I have to buy a squirrel item for my little one as well. :)

Novelty tights
OMG! How cool are these foxy tights! A must buy!!

Phew! Long post, I hope you didnt find it too boring. ;)

søndag 22. juni 2014

My top picks from the Boden preview winter collection 2014

YaY! The winter preview is here! :) While we wait for the big clearance sale to take off in July we might as well spend some time lookin at the pretties on offer for those cold dreary days ahead - winter is coming someone told me. ;). Even if its hard to think of wintery clothes now Im always excited to see the new stuff. :) Who isnt? :) Allright lets get busy. :)

Millie skirt - squirrel print
SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart is racing and my head is spinning when I look at this print, squirrels can you believe it! Im definitely gonna preorder this skirt, that print is gonna sell like hot cakes I believe. :) Besides I need several new skirts in my wardrobe so this is a done deal. :) You will find the same print for a shirt as well. :)

Hartland dress
And speaking of squirrels, if you dont like squirrels in a skirt then you might prefer a whole dress of them. ;)
Im drooling over this dress as you can imagine, but Im not sure about the fit. We`ll see. :)
Selina dress
Luckily I dont have to whine about lack of beautiful dresses this time around. ;) I was instantly drawn to this print, I love red and grey together. I havent bought any of the Selina dresses from the past collections so this will be a new to me fit.

Curved neck detail dress
Again a print that caught my eye! :) Lovely little birdies on a line chirping away. :)

Cloudspotter jumper
Such a pretty sweater dont you agree? A stand out  print ticks all my boxes, must buy. :)

Well these are my favourites from the upcoming winter season. Im not feeling let down like I did with the autumn preview so thats good. :) Speaking of which, you may take a look at my top picks from the autumn preview as you will find some the of items in this preview as well. ( I managed to find some goodies but had to dig around a bit). ;)
The usual code PRUK works for 20% off. :) The code is due to expire the 1th of July so you have to act fast. :)

Im doing a top picks from the mini boden collection as well,  baby girl there are some serious cuteness in store for you (not much of a baby anymore mind, turning 1 year next month). :)
Have fun browsing the winter collection! :)

torsdag 19. juni 2014

Oh deer me!

Hia ladies! :) Another animal enters my wardrobezoo, meet the cute bambi! :) I have pined after a bambi outfit for so long and I nearly fainted when I came upon this dress. (yup, clothes do have that affect on me). It meets all my bambi dreams and more. ;)

Uhm yea, these must be the worst photos ever. Dont even attempt to take your photos during the evening sun, epic fail! ;) My hair seems to be on fire, at least half of it. :) That said, I do loooove the Norwegian summer nights, in June it doesnt get proper dark here, not even during the night and the sun doesnt set until 10-11pm. Its really hard to hit the sack when its so light outside. :)

Adorable bambi caressed by the evening sun. ;) I love the fun colour mix of red, pink, orange and turqouise. :) I felt really at home in this colourmejoyful outfit. :)

Oh did I tell you, Ive got some new wheels! :) A new to me black beauty, Skoda Roomster to be specific. ;) Hehehe a family car with lots of room, fits the bill for my new life as a mum. :)

Outfit details:
Cardigan from H&M
Dress from Mania Copenhagen (recent)
Shoes from Din Sko

fredag 13. juni 2014

Friday Frock Special - 3 x cheers for Norway

A few weeks back we celebrated 200 years of independence in Norway. :) The 17th of May 1814 a few wise men sat down and came up with the constitution. :) They were fed up of being overruled by Sweden and Denmark. Good for us Id say! :)

On a day like this I usually wear my traditional costume (dress) but sadly it doesnt fit me anymore. I have to take it to a seamstress and get it adjusted. I didnt have time for that now but will do later on. Anyway I celebrated in style, wearing the colours of the Norwegian flag, red, white and blue. :) Blue dress, red shoes and white polkadot tights. :)

You can always count on a Boden dress, their shirtdresses are amazing, both look and fitwise. :) Im wearing a size UK6R but usually I go for Long in Boden dresses. However I sized down after reading the reviews, turns out I probably could have worn an UK8L now. ;) I believe you can find this dress in the clearance sale but last time I checked it was sold out in most sizes. Its from the early spring collection so thats why.
Have a lovely weekend all! :)

Outfit details:

Dress from Boden
Shoes from Din Sko

tirsdag 3. juni 2014

Yellow mellow

Hia gals! Its been sunny and summery in my neck of the woods for a fortnight now, kind of a record. :) What better way to salute the sun than by wearing yellow. :) I love yellow, one of my absolute favourites when it comes to bright colours. :) I know some find wearing yellow a bit of a struggle but its all about finding the right shade of yellow.

Its the first time Im wearing this dress as I bought it last spring when I was heavily pregnant. Feels good to be able to air it now. :) I love the flowery print and the retro style dress. :) Its from one of my go to brands, King Louie based in The Netherlands. Oh well me being cheerful shouldnt last the day. My beloved car broke down and its way too expensive to repair it since its an old car. *sob* Luckily it still runs so Im able to get to work but I should really find/buy a replacement car soonish.

Outfit details:
Dress from King Louie
Shoes from Pataugas