mandag 29. oktober 2012

Office babe

Im sporting my new pencil skirt from HM, love at first sight it was. :) I hardly have any pencil skirts in my wardrobe cause I have been afraid of them being too bootylicious to wear at work. I know pencil skirts are actually considered appropriate work wear but at my workplace they are scarse. :) I think its due to my office having a casual dresscode and people tend to think that skirts like these are wayyyy to dressed up. :P

Well its high time someone sets the stakes higher, I stribe to make my work environment more feminine and dolled up. :P I guess Im the "office babe" :P Heheheeee Well I dont exactly fit the bill, me wearing no makeup. ;)

My mustard cute shoes from the side, I love em! :) Im currently lusting after another pair similar to these but in green and purple.

Heh my feet look like logs here, must be the camera angle. :)

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from Dorothy Perkins
Top from HM
Skirt from HM (recent)
Tights from Lindex
Shoes from Poetic License

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mandag 22. oktober 2012

Rocking plaids

Every once in a while I feel the need to take a break from my ususal dress/skirt routine, to shake things up a bit. ;) Bring on skinny jeans, ankle boots and a top of some kind and Im good to go. :) I feel more edgy and sassy in skinny jeans than in pretty dresses, hehehee. Epic fail - do not wear white socks with this ensemble :P My leg is pale alright but not bleaching white. ;)

This is my first biker jacket, not real leather though. :P I really like this burgundy colour, didnt think it would suit me but looks ok I think.

Open jacket, heh not the most fierce look/pose Ive got goin, hehehhe but believe me Im not always a goody two shoes in pretty dresses. :P

Tossed the jacket, I love love love this plaid shirt, I wish I had more plaid garments in my wardrobe.

A close up. :)

What Im wearing:

Biker jacket from HM
Shirt from Desigual
Skinny jeans from Cubus
Boots from Din Sko

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mandag 15. oktober 2012


uh oh no Im not the one taking part in a catfight, Im way to chicken for that. :P Do you remember my black bundle of kitty joy? Last week we discovered a nasty wound on her thigh, off to the vet the next day. Apparently she got bit by another cat, I bet she got in a fight with one of the stray cats lurking around, in fact I know so cause today I caught them in the act. I came to her rescue and screamed my lungs out at the stray cat. He ran off the minute he saw me. ;)

Cute kitty alert!! :) My kitty who got injured have been kept indoors all week, happy as a camper on drugs cause she got a nasty infection in the wound. She was out of sorts the first days but now she is back in business. :) She will stay on antibiotics for another 5 days but she is off her painkillers. The wound is healing well too. I have never seen a catbite before let alone an infected one so this was a new experience. Im glad it  wasnt anything more serious although poor kitty was truly in pain. I hope it wont happen again.

Well enough kitty chat, onto outfit related stuff. :) Im so thrilled, got some new bootsies in rust, I love this years autumnal fashion colours. :) The bootsies fit like a glove on my chicken legs, such boots are soooo hard to come by so I couldnt walk away. :) I know this pic is rubbish but never mind my face being washed out, look at my pose instead. :P

Another rubbish pic, but wanted to show you how the bootsies look from the side. :) At least we got SUN! :)

Everything in this outfit is old except the boots. Hmmm I must really like this cardigan, think I have worn it more or less in every outfit lately *ahem*. Its a stripey thing, goes with everything! ;)

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from HM
Top from Boden
Skirt from Boden
Tights from HM
Boots from Din Sko (recent)

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mandag 8. oktober 2012

Missoni part 2

 As I mentioned earlier I also bought a cardigan from the Missoni for Lindex collection. I really love the colours in this one, slightly brighter than the dress previously worn here.

Ups, cardi sliding off and showing my burgundy tank top, that was not supposed to happen. ;)  hazard of skipping back and forth from the camera as I dont have any remote , Im not sure it even excists for compact cameras. :) Uhm yes Im still using my compact camera for pics *shame on me*

I would love for a blurry background in my photos but my compact will have to do for now. Hubby does own a DSLR camera but Im a bit intimidated by it and afraid me fiddling would f... things up. ;) Click on picture for enlargement.

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from Missoni for Lindex (recent)
Top from HM
Skirt from Boden
Tights from Lindex
Shoes from Tamaris

Extra:  Fabulous and ever so stylish Sheila from Ephemera invited her blogfriends and readers for a virtual birthday party, weeee! :) This is what I wore. :)

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lørdag 6. oktober 2012

Shop my style Friday #2

As you may know Im really into perusing internet for new fabulous garments, so I thought a my favourite styles weekly post would be fun. I hope you will find it of interest as well. :) Shop my style is a weekly post highlighting my most recent clothes obsessions and possible purchases. I link because I like, this is not a sponsored post and Im not on the payroll for any featured brand. Well onto my favourites of the week:


Oh my Im soooo obsessed by this dress, I cant bear it!!! Im cringing right now cause its out of stock in my size and it just launched last week.....Silly me missed the chance to get 20% off by preorder and I dont  wanna pay full price....I have become much more budgetorientated in my shopping, I buy most of my garments on sale or discounted.

Poetic License

Oh my heart raced a little when I spotted these *gulp* I have the same model in mustard and how cute is that leopard border. Come to think of it I dont own anything leopardy......;)


I love anything stripey and I really like this combination of colours, perfect for autumn.

New Look

How can I turn down these funky and quirky heels? :)


Care for some zigs zags? :)

mandag 1. oktober 2012


Its official, Ive been Missonized. ;) This dress is from Missonis collaboration with the Swedish clothing brand, Lindex. I have always been a fan of the fabulous zig zag pattern but could only dream of buying a statement piece from Missoni. But here I am looking a little smug in my budget but nevertheless genuine Missoni dress. :)

But boy was it hard to get hold of this dress, I first tried to buy it online but the site crashed. But to my luck my local shop opened early in the morning the next day, so I started the day by queing outside a shop at 7am. ;) Pretty desperate right? Lol. But it was totally worth it, I got my lusted after dress and a cardigan. One of the few as the collection was completely sold out in minutes. I have never done this before, a fun experience indeed. :)

A rear view, my favourite part of my body, my boooooty. :P Hehehe so much for me being shy. LoL. :) Well at least its the most curvascious part of my skinny frame, looks quite odd really. ;) Someone just glued a balloon on my backside. ;)

A member of the Norwegian royal family wore the same dress at an exhibition just two days before the collection launched.  She caused quite a stir , so me and the princess, ha! ;)

A close up of the fantastic pattern, whats not love. <3 A subdued look from what I normally wear but I love it, a classic, staplement dress.

What Im wearing:

Dress from Missoni by Lindex
Top from HM
Shoes from Tamaris

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