tirsdag 27. januar 2015

Busy (bumble) bee

Hi there folks! :) You are looking at one busy bee for the moment. ;) The reorganisation at work has come to an end and I finally know of my new position. Im quite relieved now that its all sorted out, it has been troubling my mind for months. In fact Im a very happy and busy bee, it turned out really well for me. :) As of next week I will start in my new position so hence the busy bee thing. :) Its quite a step up for me careerwise  but I feel ready to take on more challenging tasks.

And there is a bumblebee on my t-shirt. :) Actually its the first time Im pairing a t-shirt with a midi skirt and in my opinion it totally works. Lately Ive tried to come up with new ways on how to remix my wardobe more instead of just buying new clothes. It makes me so happy when my clothing experiments succeed. :) Ive only worn t-shirts with pants before but now I will wear them with my skirts as well, YaY!

As for the colours in this outfit Ive tried to make them fit the bumble bee theme with a little twist of teal. :) I love how the navy, yellow, teal and white play together. :) Maybe not the most wintery of outfits but I cant help it. :) I thrive on colours. ;)

and I do have an ongoing love affair with midi skirts!! :)

What Im wearing:

Cardi from Louche (old)
T-shirt from Lindex (recent)
Skirt from H&M (AW 2014)
Boots from Bianco (very old)

And last but not least I wanna thank you all for popping by my little corner in the bloggosphere and a huge thank you for all the wonderful e-mails I have been receiving, its so lovely to hear from you, in fact my heart jumps a little everytime. ;) xxx

mandag 19. januar 2015

Boden reconstructed

Hi there! Finally I got the opportunity to show you my latest Boden arrivals. :) I received the skirt weeks ago but the jumper I bought in the huge sale just before Christmas. Due to the holidays and customs I didnt receive it until a couple of days ago. YaY the sun was present too, a seldom sight these days as we have had gale winds and rain for days on end now.

Boden intarsia jumper and kilt skirt. Im trying to recreate this Boden outfit, I fell in love with the colourclashing. :) and my wardrobe was sorely missing a pink skirt. ;)

So here`s how the outfit looks like on a real woman. ;) Ive actually played it up a bit by adding red tights and purple ankle boots. :) I felt really at home in this. The jumper is size UK6 and the skirt is UK10L but slightly roomy in the waist, I should have gotten a size UK8L instead but I was afraid it would be too tiny as I have put on a few kilos from having a baby.

Love, love, love the bright colours together, I cant get enough, someday I will colour OD Im sure of it. ;)

The jumper is still available in the clearance sale but unfortunately the kilt skirt sold out pretty quickly, long before any sale.

My hardworking purple booties, still going strong. :)

What Im wearing:
Boden Intarsia jumper - AW14
Boden kilt skirt - AW14
Booties from El Naturalista (old)

Im linking to Sheila `s fabulous Shoe Shine Party. :)

fredag 16. januar 2015

Quirky Friday: Meow!

I thought it would be fun to run a few blog post series to spruce things up a bit. :) First up is the Quirky Friday series which will be featuring a quirky item of my choosing/liking. Im always on the lookout for quirky prints (especially from the animal kingdom) or fun colour combinations.
Why not share my findings with you guys so we can drool together. ;)

White Stuff - Barge cats skirt

 Holy Meow, look at that cat skirt! Makes me wanna purr all night long, hehehehe
White Stuff have some serious goodies this season, I love how they are not holding back in their designs. :) Im allready sharing my household with 4 cats but I can always make room for one  in my wardrobe. ;)

tirsdag 13. januar 2015

Casual Friday on a Monday

Hia! Its about time I posted some casual outfits as I tend to reach for something relaxed these days and total toddlerfriendly, I can take it if she spills something on me. ;) Its a whole other story with my dresses and skirts. ;)

My first waterfall cardigan, love how it twirls in the wind. :) This cardi is growing on me, I liked it when I first laid my eyes on it but after several outings Im totally smitten. :)  Its very adverse too, goes with all kinds of tops. Thats a wardrobe staple in my book, great! :)

Wrap me up good. ;)

My "new" ankle boots, I bought them back in October 2013 but havent worn them until now. Uhm, too many shoes anyone? ;)

The t-shirt says "Tres Chic" and I couldnt agree more. ;) Ups photobomber sneaking up on me. ;)

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from Lindex (recent)
Top from Lindex (recent)
Jeggings from Dr.Denim (autumn 2014)
Booties from Ecco (autumn 2013)

So tell me, have any of you dabbled in waterfall cardi territory? :)

torsdag 8. januar 2015

Spring has sprung at Boden`s

Monday this week we woke up to new spring collection from Boden. :) I believe its the first launch of more to come as Ive learned that Boden doesnt show all the goodies at once, save the last ones for the best perhaps?;) Actually I dont mind at all, its really nice to have something to look forward to in the weeks to come. My heart does a little twirl whenever I come by new stuff, its so exciting! :) And I wanna buy everything, hehehe.

As much as I love Boden and being a dedicated fan I cant help but feeling a little let down by the spring collection. There are certainly less items that get me all worked up, even the patterns and colours seems a bit off this time. But of course I have managed to put together a wishlist for you. ;)
So here goes:

Seatown shirt dress - My absolute favourite dress from the 2015 spring collection, Im a sucker for vintage looking dresses so this ticks my box. A must have for retro style lovers! Will get this!

Casual jersey dress - I love the casual jersey dress style and fit, have several of them from past seasons. Even if I do love a bold print Im in two minds about it, quirky but perhaps a little over the top even for me. Well lets see. ;)

Beatrice dress - As for the dress above I cant seem to make my mind up about this one, quirky but a bit over the top again. I need to think this through. ;) Ive put it on my list cause I love everything quirky. :)

Grace skirt - cant go wrong with a floral skirt for spring. Beautiful!

Chic Denim A-line - A staple for anyone`s wardrobe as it goes with a lot of stuff. I need this cause I dont have a classical skirt like this one.

Fifties Cardigan - Another must buy for a vintage style girl. :) I love cardis like this, they are short so perfect company for a dress compared to the usual cardi length.

Well thats it for now, hope you enjoyed my little list and perhaps you share some of my favs as well. :)

mandag 5. januar 2015

Welcome 2015! Cheers for a foxy new year! :)

Happy New Year everyone!!! :) I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and may 2015 bring us all lots of happy times and precious moments. :)  Im eagerly awaiting which ups and downs life will throw at me in this new year. My work situation is about to change as my employer is busy reorganising so thats one thing Im both excited and worried about. I will know more in the end of January, not knowing is the worst.

Im back where I left you stranded sometime in November and as you can see Im not done with foxes, far from it. ;) hehehe Im so sorry for not having blogged at all during December but I have been terrible busy to say the least. Baking, cleaning, shopping pressies and attending  dinners and parties took all my energy and when the holidays began it really didnt calm down, Christmas must be the most exhausting holiday, sometimes it doesnt feel like a holiday at all. ;) But I did enjoy a couple of days off in between all the festivities.

One of my resolutions for the new year is to blog more often, Im usually knackered when the toddler is in bed and spending my me time in front of the telly or doing chores around the house. When I really should be into my hobbies like blogging and sewing.So many things to do so little time...Sometimes I really miss the old days when I had all the time in the world to do me things, but after a good nights sleep and waking up to a smiling toddler all is forgotten. ;)

What Im wearing:
Top from H&M (old)
Cardi from H&M (old)
Skirt from White Stuff (recent)
Shoes from Poetic License (old)

Well who is she? Actually its me having a little makeover for a Christmas work dinner/party. :) I got to be Marilyn Monroe for one night and had a blast! :) The magic work of a hairdresser. :)

Linking to Passion for Fashion. :)