tirsdag 27. januar 2015

Busy (bumble) bee

Hi there folks! :) You are looking at one busy bee for the moment. ;) The reorganisation at work has come to an end and I finally know of my new position. Im quite relieved now that its all sorted out, it has been troubling my mind for months. In fact Im a very happy and busy bee, it turned out really well for me. :) As of next week I will start in my new position so hence the busy bee thing. :) Its quite a step up for me careerwise  but I feel ready to take on more challenging tasks.

And there is a bumblebee on my t-shirt. :) Actually its the first time Im pairing a t-shirt with a midi skirt and in my opinion it totally works. Lately Ive tried to come up with new ways on how to remix my wardobe more instead of just buying new clothes. It makes me so happy when my clothing experiments succeed. :) Ive only worn t-shirts with pants before but now I will wear them with my skirts as well, YaY!

As for the colours in this outfit Ive tried to make them fit the bumble bee theme with a little twist of teal. :) I love how the navy, yellow, teal and white play together. :) Maybe not the most wintery of outfits but I cant help it. :) I thrive on colours. ;)

and I do have an ongoing love affair with midi skirts!! :)

What Im wearing:

Cardi from Louche (old)
T-shirt from Lindex (recent)
Skirt from H&M (AW 2014)
Boots from Bianco (very old)

And last but not least I wanna thank you all for popping by my little corner in the bloggosphere and a huge thank you for all the wonderful e-mails I have been receiving, its so lovely to hear from you, in fact my heart jumps a little everytime. ;) xxx

4 kommentarer:

  1. First: Congratulations on your promotion, well done!

    Now, I love how the boots match the snow :-) Joke aside - you've found some great colours for this outfit, beautiful and original. In the Nordic winter we need colours to remind us that not everything is black, white or brown! Also, you have the perfect figure for midi skirts!

    1. Thank you so much Tine! Exciting times at work indeed! Hehehe snow matching boots, I was thinking the same in fact. ;) Ah yes I actually hate black, white or brown during winter time.

  2. Love the sweet bee top!

    1. Many thanks Megan! :) Lovely to "see" you! :)