mandag 26. mai 2014

Moby dick

Hia! Ive come across a new word, wardrobezoo. ;) I love it and find it quite fitting for my wardrobe. ;) My newest additions to the zoo is this whale top and skirt. :) I mad about any kind of animal print on clothes, Im a collector most likely, my closet is starting to look like the arc of Noah. ;)

Im a huge animal lover and of course it rubs off on what Im wearing. One of the mums from my maternity leave group said to me, you must really LOVE birds. The way she said it made me think she would not be caught dead in any birdie print. ;) *grin*

The shape of this skirt is new to me and I quite like it. Its tulip shaped I think and quite short compared to the skirts Id usually wear. But of course being covered in cute whales, I just had to buy it no matter what. :) I didnt have any solid navy tights so I just put on a spotty one. A little bit of pattern colliding going on, gotta love a little crazyness right? ;) (Did you notice Im in a jolly good mood today? ;) )

Outfit details:
Blazer from H&M
Top from Lindex
Belt from Mango
Skirt from Lindex
Shoes/flats from Fly London

mandag 19. mai 2014

Summer in gingham

Hia ladies! Summer has arrived since last we spoke. :) I felt out of inspiration when I woke up today and threw on a gingham shirt dress and a cosy cardi. Red gingham being so classy and perfect for the summery vibe. :)

Ive been feeling out of sorts lately. As I went through my closet yesterday I nearly cried as I found out that most of my beloved Boden skirts dont fit me anymore *sob* :( Ive been the same size for years so this is all new to me. I really dont know that to do. Its not like Im going to loose weight again cause I need the extra pounds, but I really hate the idea of having to buy myself a new wardrobe.

I have even been browsing Ebay too see if some of my Boden skirts are available there in another size. Pretty desperate eh. ;) Oh well I know you must be thinking shut up and get on with it. :) and I will in time. :)

Outfit details:
Cardigan from White Stuff (old)
Dress from Ellos (old)
Shoes from Vagabond (old)

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fredag 16. mai 2014

Friday Frock Special - My boy lollipop

Hia ladies!How cute is this dress?? :) Its of course a piece from Boden, no one does dresses quite like Mr.B :) I bought this dress with a special occasion in mind, last sunday I attended my cousin`s confirmation.

I love the fabric, its cotton with a soft sheen to it. Im wearing an UK size 8L and I could barely pull it off as my waistline is somewhat expanded (cant shake off the baby weight). Perhaps I should have gone one size up but then it would have been to large on top (girls have not grown, rather the opposite *sigh*)

I added a cardigan for modesty, I didnt feel comfortable wearing it almost sleeveless. Besides I was cold too, it was a chilly afternoon.

My hubby told me I looked like a lollipop. ;) How kind of him, hehehe. Lollipop is among other things the name of a Norwegian popsicle in rainbow colours.

Do you see any resemblance? :)

A close up. :)

Outfit details:

Cardigan from Mango (old)
Dress from Boden (recent)
Shoes from Pataugas (old)

mandag 12. mai 2014

Horsey porsey

Howdy gals! :) I have found a new way to express my endless love of horses, in a dress of course! :)
I have been horseback riding since childhood and as a teenager I owned a horse. Those were the days!!
I really miss riding and caring for a horse but its time consuming and costs heaps of money, both of which I cant find the time/afford at the moment.

The horse featured on the dress is actually a model of the Swedish Dalecarlian horse/ Dale horse. Its a traditional carved, painted wooden horse statuette originating in Swedish province Dalarna. In the old days the Dala horse was mostly used as a toy for children; in modern times it has become a symbol of Dalarna, as well as Sweden in general. However the designer of this dress is Danish and based in Copenhagen. ;)

The world's largest Dalecarlian horse, made of concrete and located in Avesta Municipality, Sweden.

I chose to focus on the red and pink, I love how those two colours work together, a bit of mismatch and utterly fabulous at the same time. :)

Outfit details: Dress from One Off (Danish designer- new to me and whom makes the most fabulous, quirky dresses.
Top from Indiska
Ancle boots from El Naturalista

onsdag 7. mai 2014

Spots of colour

Hello sunshine! :) I love my new spotty dress to bits. Its a retrodress, clearly inspired by the 50s. :) Colourful, fun and full skirt, whats not to like. :) After putting on weight I have nearly gone up a size in clothes, some of my dresses dont fit me anymore, boo. :( So Out I went, shopping for replacements and found this beauty! :)

I got a haircut as well, much needed one! :) I felt so girly in this prancing around in the office corridores, Im colourharrassing my coworkers again. ;) Poor people. ;)

A goody two shoes here. ;) hehehe

Outfit details:
Cardigan from Dorothy Perkins (old)
Dress from Indiska (recent)
Belt from Mango (old)
Black pumps (old)

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mandag 5. mai 2014

Back in business

Hia! I started work last friday and it felt really good! :) Since it was friday and all I went for the casual friday look on my first day back. :) You may notice I look a bit more top heavy around my butt, thighs and stomach, yup I have put on a pound or lets say a few. Courtesey of staying at home and nibbling sweets all day long, ooops. I have taken up exercising, going to the gym twice a week since New Years but it doesnt show.....yet. ;)

Im pleased for gaining weight since I was too skinny before (in my opinion) Now I look like a normal person, still slim but with a muffin top I really dislike. Seems its not going away anytime soon despite my sweating at the gym. Having a baby and approaching the big four nill in two years time seem to have hit me hard. I knew my body would change after having a baby but Im not in favour of all the changes. I guess I just have to embrace my new body, after all it supported me through pregnancy, birth and nursing and for that Im forever grateful.

Anyway I really enjoyed my first day back at work, I felt a sting in my stomach when I left home that morning, missing my little one and wondering how she would get on with her dad for a whole day. But no need to worry, they did great at home and I was so busy at work I didnt get the chance to miss my baby (uhm hardly at baby anymore at 10 months of age) at all.

I love to mix red and pink, its such a fun colour combination!
Outfit details:
Blazer from H&M
Top from Lindex
Pants/trousers/jeggings from Dr.Denim
Shoes from New Look

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