mandag 5. mai 2014

Back in business

Hia! I started work last friday and it felt really good! :) Since it was friday and all I went for the casual friday look on my first day back. :) You may notice I look a bit more top heavy around my butt, thighs and stomach, yup I have put on a pound or lets say a few. Courtesey of staying at home and nibbling sweets all day long, ooops. I have taken up exercising, going to the gym twice a week since New Years but it doesnt show.....yet. ;)

Im pleased for gaining weight since I was too skinny before (in my opinion) Now I look like a normal person, still slim but with a muffin top I really dislike. Seems its not going away anytime soon despite my sweating at the gym. Having a baby and approaching the big four nill in two years time seem to have hit me hard. I knew my body would change after having a baby but Im not in favour of all the changes. I guess I just have to embrace my new body, after all it supported me through pregnancy, birth and nursing and for that Im forever grateful.

Anyway I really enjoyed my first day back at work, I felt a sting in my stomach when I left home that morning, missing my little one and wondering how she would get on with her dad for a whole day. But no need to worry, they did great at home and I was so busy at work I didnt get the chance to miss my baby (uhm hardly at baby anymore at 10 months of age) at all.

I love to mix red and pink, its such a fun colour combination!
Outfit details:
Blazer from H&M
Top from Lindex
Pants/trousers/jeggings from Dr.Denim
Shoes from New Look

Im linking up to: Visible Monday

6 kommentarer:

  1. It's so great to see you again! You look wonderful, not too thin and far from a muffin top : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, and please come back. xo

    1. oh Thank you Patti for your sweet words. Believe me there is a huge muffin top there, Im just good at hiding it (luckily). ;) I will definitely be part of your Visible Mondays to come. :)

  2. Welcome back, Monica! I think you look gorgeous and just right - curvy but still with those beautiful long legs.

    1. Many thanks Sheila! :) Yes I dont mind my new curves, makes me more of a woman. :) Yup legs still there last time I checked. ;)

  3. You look stunning! I love every bit of this outfit, it's so fun and colourful. Rachel xx

  4. Don't worry about a few little pounds ... you have a wonderful tall and curvy figure, and you look great. Very cute cropped jacket, and I like the way the layers work for you! Your colors are perfection and lots of fun.