lørdag 26. januar 2013

Maternity style - week 14

Nothing like brighting up a grey winter day! :) I love this new dress of mine so joyful and fun and poppies are one of my favourite flowers. :) I had to take these pics in a hurry cause I was freezing to death, -12 C, Im certainly taking a bullet for the blog. ;)

Im loving the combination of orange, red and purple, puts a smile on my face. :)

No sign of a bump yet, Im getting really impatient, I want one NOW! :) This weird inbetween stage is boring, but at least my clothes still fit except for my trousers (skinnies) and I dont feel pregnant at all, hey little one, feel free to give me a nudge anytime. :P

What Im wearing: Top - Indiska - Dress (recent) - Indiska - Tights - Indiska - Booties - El Naturalista

Cold weather calls for knits, here is my second hand-knitted dress (not by me). Im particulary fond of the pattern across the chest. :) I found the knitting recipe for this dress at Ravelry.com, a great online resource for recipes for any kind of hand knitted garment.

Im trying to spice things up a bit by wearing stripey tights. ;)

What Im wearing: Hand-knitted dress - Weeruska pattern - Tights - Indiska - Boots - old


lørdag 19. januar 2013

Maternity style - week 13

YaY, Im back in the game! :) Ive started working again after being on sick leave for some weeks, meaning I have to leave my comfy sweats at home and start dressing work appropriate. :) It feels good to be back at the office although Im still suffering from morning sickness from time to time, bleurgh! I so wish it was gone by now, but being pregnant is pretty unpredictable in terms of ailments. Despite being sick and all Im really really happy and grateful for my bump and cant wait to meet my mini me in July. :)

At 13 weeks I have no problem fitting my regular clothes, I havent gained any weight (rather the opposite) and I think I will be able to use my clothes for some weeks still, at least I hope so. Being pregnant is so going to cramp my style. :P *hehe*Im at the stage where Im only wearing dresses as that is the most comfortable option. Luckily I have quite a few jersey dresses which are quite stretchy so hopefully they will see me through the 2.trimester. I have already started to look for maternity clothes, Im stalking ebay for that reason. :)

So bump, where the heck are you? :P *hehe* No bump to show off at the moment Im afraid. ;) It only looks like I have a food belly or something.

What Im wearing: Knitted dress - Boden - tights - H&M - shoes - Din Sko

Its been quite cold lately, -5-10C so perfect weather to wear one of my handknitted wool dresses. I havent knitted this myself, Im a total mess at handicrafts so I rather pay someone to knit items for me. ;) I love the style and look of this dress, its an Icelandic pattern.

What Im wearing: Knitted dress - Klukka - Booties - El naturalista

lørdag 12. januar 2013

Im back with a bump! :)

Hi there ladies! :) Missed me? :P As many of you have already guessed, yes Im with child! :)
Its been a rough couple of months, the bump has been giving me a hard time, Ive suffered from terrible morning sickness, not only in the mornings but more like 24/7. Luckily Im doing better now, Im feeling sick from time to time but at least Im back at work and Im able to get out of the house. Best of all Im able to sit in front of the computer without feeling sick, yay! :) The baby is doing fine though, I had an ultrasound scan this week  (Im 3 months pregnant) and the little one seemed to have a lot of fun swimming around in my womb, it was really emotional to watch. :) The baby is due in mid-late July, I dont have the exact date yet neither do I know the sex but will tell you as soon as I know. :) Well enough pregzilla talk. ;)

Im really sorry for not being able to take any pics during December, I would have shown you some beautiful winter images. We got literally flooded by snow, 70cm, a new record for where we live. :) I do however managed to snap a photo of my car just to show you how bad it was. I had to park my car at the nearest parking lot which meant outside a church, cause we werent able to drive to our house due to the massive amount of snow. Our house is situated on top of a hill and the last part of the road is quite steep, the cars stood no chance against the snow. My hubby had to dig out the car for me. :) Alas all the snow was gone at Christmas, typical. :(

Well time for some fashion talk, this is after all a style blog. ;) Well I havent felt up to my usual shopping mood but I have managed to snag some lovely Boden dresses on sale. But Im really excited to tell you that Ive got my hands on a pair of amazing Fluevogs, can you belive it!!! :) Im over the moon of excitement really!! Finally I can join you Fluevog fans! I havent received the the shoes yet but fingers crossed they will fit, I bought my regular size (US8-EU38) A total bargain as they were 70 % OFF!

Sooo cute and I dont have any turqoise ancle bootsies. :)

Well thats all for now, I dont know when I will get back to my regular posting scheme, still not feeling 100% but getting there. :) But I will try to post from time to time. :)