lørdag 21. desember 2013

What does the fox say? :)

Howdy folks! :) Im back in a foxy edition this time. :) I believe youve all heard the superhit "What does the fox say" by the Norwegian comedy group named Ylvis. :) I find the song hilarious and quite catching as well so what better way to join the fan base by wearing a foxy outfit. :) And my daughter and I are matching, how cute is that. ;)

I couldnt believe my eyes when I spotted this dress online, I had to have it ASAP. :) My baby girl and I attended a Christmas lunch with my colleagues from work wearing these outfits and we got a lot of attention, hehe. :) and everybody started singing "ring ding ding dong hattey hattey ho".We had lots of fun! :)

A close up of the fabulous fox print! :)

And of course never a post without my little sunshine. :) Seems like she enjoys wearing a foxy dress. :)

She is 5 months old now, time flies! :)

Aaaw, Im melting, she is cute as a button this one. ;)

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from Louche
Dress from Mania Copenhagen

Baby girl, dress and tights from H&M

I would also like to wish you a Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!! *hug*

torsdag 7. november 2013

Baby Klara's Christening

Last Sunday we celebrated baby Klara's Christening. :) This photo is taken inside our local chapel by the baptismal font. Very proud parents alongside a smiling priest. :) It so happens that baby Klara gave him one of her beaming smiles, of course he couldnt help but to smile back at her. ;) Unfortunately we forgot to take any pics of Klara in her Christening gown (dont ask, what we were thinking of!! Im so embarrassed but we were in a hurry to get back home for the party, lamest excuse I know). Anyway we will take some pics of her later on, we still have the gown in our posession. :)

We arranged the party at our house since we only had invited our closest family members. Here is how I set the table, theme colours being purple, red and hot pink and some owls here and there. :) Im quite pleased with the end result. :) I didnt do the flower arrangements myself though. :P

I also forgot to take any pics of the many delicious cakes, I really forgot a lot that day! *blushes*. Well here is a pic of the cakeleftovers, I made the red velvet cake and the cupcakes myself. :)

The christening cake, I love the owls, its sooo darn cuuuute! :) Clearly not made by me, I ordered this cake from a professional bakery. :)

The outfit of the day. :) Of course I had to wear a dress in the theme colours purple, red and pink. :)

 love the poofiness in the skirt, there is a petticoat attached, I just wanted to twirl around all day long, like a little girl. ;)

Actually this is my second dress of this kind, I bought a red one last year and have purchased another red one for this Christmas.

What Im wearing:

Dress from Ellos (recent)
Cardigan from H&M
Pumps from Geox

Oh and of course a cutie pic of baby Klara now 3,5 months old. :)

mandag 7. oktober 2013

Christening in red

Yesterday we attended the christening for my sister inlaw`s baby girl. I chose to sport my newest addition from Boden, this fancy red dress. :) Instant love as always, Boden hardly lets me down. <3 <3

My hubby took these pics, he always makes me laugh, hence my goofy grin. ;)
Im currently planning for my Klara's christening which will take place in the beginning of November. Phew, my head is spinning when thinking of decorations, guess I have a lot of work cut out for me. Still a month to go luckily. :)

What Im wearing:

Ava Dress from Boden (recent)
Pumps from Boden

And of course I had to get a new dress for baby Klara. :) Come to think of it, its actually the first time she is wearing a dress. I find dresses kind of impractical before the baby can walk, so for everdaywear Im waiting for her to get older but then she will  be wearing dresses quite often I believe. :)

But of course she will be wearing dresses for special events/happenings, christening being one of them.

Come on, I dare you. ;)

Klara is wearing:

Dress from Monsoon

torsdag 26. september 2013

Maternity leave fashion :)

Hia gals! :) I have finally found time to get back into the outfit groove, hurrah! :) Im sneaking out when my little one is sound asleep during morning hours. Warning I might look a little tired though. :P
I wore this outfit yesterday when I went shopping with a friend of mine whos also on maternity leave, she`s got a little boy at the same age as my Klara. :) We brought the babies with us of course, they slept in their buggies, very convenient when shopping. ;)

Im really enjoying motherhood and staying at home, but some days its quite boring. I do really miss work and my colleagues, much more than I imagined I would. Actually I feel like my brain has shut down for time being, Im really looking forward to get back in the swing of things at work. Not to forget all the fun outfits I will put together, not much fun in sweatpants and t-shirts which Im wearing at home these days, Im a real slob. :P

My hair is getting quite long as well, havent seen the hairdresser since June I think. :P That doesnt bother me too much as Im growing my hair, I would love a longer hairdo. My hair is still quite full and thick from the pregnancy, I hope it will last forever. :)

Im sporting my new top, a french bulldog covered in sequins, how could I not buy it! :) It looks really cool and being a frenchie mum its mandatory to wear one. ;)

A close up and behold - a muffin top!! Ive always wanted one, courtesey of being pregnant, thank you very much. ;) :P

What Im wearing:

Blazer (ancient)
French bulldog top from Lindex (recent)
Jeans from Cubus (Norwegian brand)
Ballerinas from New Look

 My four legged pride and joy, Una - the French bulldog!

And to throw in some more cuteness, I give you my beautiful daughter, she is 10 weeks now. :) I love her to bits!! <3 >3<3

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onsdag 14. august 2013

Meet Klara! :)

Look!! Here she is, my precious! :) She was born on the 16th of July, one week before my due date. :) I guess she didnt bother to wait any longer, hehehe. The delivery went ok I guess, blimey I havent felt pain like that before (!!!), but I feel very grateful, giving birth is such a mindblowing experience I certainly would not have missed out on.

These pics were taken when she was 6 days old, isnt she the cuuuutest ever? ;) Im head over heels in love with this little person of mine. :) Her name is Klara by the way. :) Yesterday she was 1 month old, time flies!
In terms of style Im officially a stay at home mum wearing Pjs. ;) Me and Klara actually went shopping today, so hopefully I will have my style back, dont know when yet. :P Taking care of a baby means practical wear as they tend to spill all sorts of liquids on you. :P

Im really busy these days, its hard work taking care of a baby even if she is the sweetest and calmest little person, no fuss really. :) But Im dead beat tired from having to wake up a couple of times during the night, thats the hard part, not getting enough sleep. So I guess I should be off for a quick nap before Klara wakes up. See you laters ladies!

onsdag 3. juli 2013

Maternity style - coming to an end

Hia! Sorry for being MIA, I blame RL as usual. :) I guess this will be my last post before the baby arrives. I have been off work for two weeks now (yay) one week of vacation/staycation and this week I just started my maternity leave. In Norway you get three weeks off from work before your due date, excellent arrangement I must say!

This is what I wore to work in my last week, had to make the most of it dresswise. :) I wont be wearing any fancy dresses for some time now when Im only pottering at home. :P Im in week 35 in these pics.

My ever increasing bump, I have trouble breathing and eating at this stage. :) Im currently in week 37, only three weeks left to my due date so I guess I just have to hang in there. I certainly feel like beached whale these days, really looking forward to get my body back and feel like myself again. And not to forget, what makes it all worthwhile, meeting my baby girl. I guess it could happen any day now, but I have a feeling she wont make an appearance until one week more or less before my due date ( 23th of July). She seems comfortable enough in her quarters for time being. ;)

What Im wearing:

Maternity dress from Boden
Shoes from Hush Puppies

And some photos of my outfit  when I was in week 33 of my pregnancy.

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from White Stuff
Maternity dress from Mamalicious
Shoes from Vagabond

Just a quick reminder: As google reader now is history, please do continue to follow my blog at bloglovin instead. :) I really appreciate and cherish every follower, you are the best! :)

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onsdag 5. juni 2013

My favourite picks from the Boden autumn preview 2013

Yay! I really love the previews from Boden, Im beside myself of excitement every time! :) and as usual I cant stop myself from drooling. ;) Im really looking forward to get my body back and I hope I will fit my regular clothes come autumn.
Boden is all about dresses for me, I cant ever have enough! Therefore my favourite picks being mostly dresses.  I really like their skirts as well but alas none from this preview took my fancy. I guess I should consider myself lucky, saving my money. :)

Boden Edie dress. I really love the jersey dresses from Boden and these are no exceptions. I love both patterns/prints and will have a hard time choosing which one to preorder.

Boden Ava dress. Im head over heels in love with this bright red jersey number! :) The print is so cute and quirky as well.

Boden Carnaby dress. I have the last year version of this, I really like the slim fit of this jersey dress. The geo pattern is fun!

Boden Roll Collar dress. Im a sucker for bird prints and this dress fits the bill. :) The roll neck is a nice detail as well. Im not sure this neckline will fit my collarbones, I tend to avoid round neck items as Im quite skinny on top, my collar bones are too visible for my liking.

Boden Heritage jumper. Oh MY!!! I literally gasped when I spotted this jumper, this is my absolute favourite of the bunch, a definite preorder! I luuuve the aqua colour and the bird is utterly cute!

Boden Fair isle Yoke Jumper. Another aqua jumper, I love the fair isle pattern! I really like the other colour versions of this as well but Im not sure they suit my skin complexion. However I cant go wrong with aqua. :)

Boden Wrap Jersey top. I have another wrap jersey top from a few seasons ago and I love it. Time for another I think! Purple is the perfect autumn colour! :)

Boden Chic Mid heel. I love the look of these pumps and Im missing a navy pair in my wardrobe, a classic.

Well thats all of my favourite picks! :) I usually only order two items in the preview and are on the lookout for the rest as there are usually some bargains had when the collection goes live. Make sure to make up your mind about your preorder before the 14th of June as the 20 % off code only lasts until then. You may try any  of these codes when ordering from the UK site, PRQ2, PRUK or PRV1.
Do you have any favourites? :)

tirsdag 4. juni 2013

Maternity style - week 32

Yay! Finally some sunny and hot weather, time to take my long ago invested maternity dresses for an airing. :) I had just been to my hairdresser for a haircut this day and she insisted to do my hair, making some vintage like curls. I really like em, makes a nice change from my ordinary day to day look. :) Im considering buying  a straightening iron like the one used by my hairdresser.

Im looking more and more like a hippo these days and most of the time I feel like Im about to burst and I still have 7 weeks left to my due date. (!)  Baby girl better scoot down soonish or I wont have any room left for food or worse be out of breath. Ah the joys of pregnancy! :)

A sideview, my cannon ball is very present! :)

Its so funny, from behind you cant even tell Im pregnant. ;)

A photo without the cardigan, I just wanted to show you the dress in all its glory. :) Its from Boden actually if you havent guessed already. ;) Of course I just had to buy a maternity dress or two from them. ;) This pic makes me giggle, I really look like the image of an expecting woman. :P

And finally a pair of close ups of my ever growing cannon ball. :)

What Im wearing:
Maternity dress from Boden
Cardigan from Mango
Shoes from Vagabond