tirsdag 4. juni 2013

Maternity style - week 32

Yay! Finally some sunny and hot weather, time to take my long ago invested maternity dresses for an airing. :) I had just been to my hairdresser for a haircut this day and she insisted to do my hair, making some vintage like curls. I really like em, makes a nice change from my ordinary day to day look. :) Im considering buying  a straightening iron like the one used by my hairdresser.

Im looking more and more like a hippo these days and most of the time I feel like Im about to burst and I still have 7 weeks left to my due date. (!)  Baby girl better scoot down soonish or I wont have any room left for food or worse be out of breath. Ah the joys of pregnancy! :)

A sideview, my cannon ball is very present! :)

Its so funny, from behind you cant even tell Im pregnant. ;)

A photo without the cardigan, I just wanted to show you the dress in all its glory. :) Its from Boden actually if you havent guessed already. ;) Of course I just had to buy a maternity dress or two from them. ;) This pic makes me giggle, I really look like the image of an expecting woman. :P

And finally a pair of close ups of my ever growing cannon ball. :)

What Im wearing:
Maternity dress from Boden
Cardigan from Mango
Shoes from Vagabond

3 kommentarer:

  1. Pretty dress, gorgeous hair, and fabulous cannonball belly! You look great, and you are right, from the back, you don't look pregnant at all! xxxx

  2. Anonym6/07/2013

    Cutest and best dress momma in town! I really like the hair do too!