mandag 10. mars 2014

I'll be back!

Hi ladies! Im so sorry for the current no show for months but I have some good news for you. :) I will be back at work in May and back to dressing up as well. ;) I cant wait! :) Although Im really enjoying staying at home with my little one, Im looking forward to get back in the swing of things at work. I guess being a working woman does mean a lot to me, so Ive really missed work these last months. The best of two worlds for me - having a job and having a kid/kids. :) My hubby will be a stay at home dad for three months when Im back at work. :) Yes here in Norway men are on maternity leave (paid) as well. :) One of  many perks of living in Norway. :)

Until then you might have a look at some of my latest purchases, Im all about quirky/animal prints, how have I managed this long without a whale in my wardrobe, go figure? ;)

And I cant help myself, here are some cute pics of my little babycakes ( 7,5 months). ;) <3

See you in May! :)