torsdag 7. november 2013

Baby Klara's Christening

Last Sunday we celebrated baby Klara's Christening. :) This photo is taken inside our local chapel by the baptismal font. Very proud parents alongside a smiling priest. :) It so happens that baby Klara gave him one of her beaming smiles, of course he couldnt help but to smile back at her. ;) Unfortunately we forgot to take any pics of Klara in her Christening gown (dont ask, what we were thinking of!! Im so embarrassed but we were in a hurry to get back home for the party, lamest excuse I know). Anyway we will take some pics of her later on, we still have the gown in our posession. :)

We arranged the party at our house since we only had invited our closest family members. Here is how I set the table, theme colours being purple, red and hot pink and some owls here and there. :) Im quite pleased with the end result. :) I didnt do the flower arrangements myself though. :P

I also forgot to take any pics of the many delicious cakes, I really forgot a lot that day! *blushes*. Well here is a pic of the cakeleftovers, I made the red velvet cake and the cupcakes myself. :)

The christening cake, I love the owls, its sooo darn cuuuute! :) Clearly not made by me, I ordered this cake from a professional bakery. :)

The outfit of the day. :) Of course I had to wear a dress in the theme colours purple, red and pink. :)

 love the poofiness in the skirt, there is a petticoat attached, I just wanted to twirl around all day long, like a little girl. ;)

Actually this is my second dress of this kind, I bought a red one last year and have purchased another red one for this Christmas.

What Im wearing:

Dress from Ellos (recent)
Cardigan from H&M
Pumps from Geox

Oh and of course a cutie pic of baby Klara now 3,5 months old. :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, these are so precious.

    I love the last one of Klara, btw, she is such a doll baby!

    And you, in that super girly dress, LOVE!!!

    Glad you had such a nice time at the Christening...always such a great reason to celebrate!

  2. What a stunning dress, you look beautiful. Klara gets more adorable every time we see her! xxxx

  3. Motherhood agrees with you - you are stunning! I love baby pics - she is so pretty just like Mum. And that dress. My fave of yours to date!