torsdag 8. januar 2015

Spring has sprung at Boden`s

Monday this week we woke up to new spring collection from Boden. :) I believe its the first launch of more to come as Ive learned that Boden doesnt show all the goodies at once, save the last ones for the best perhaps?;) Actually I dont mind at all, its really nice to have something to look forward to in the weeks to come. My heart does a little twirl whenever I come by new stuff, its so exciting! :) And I wanna buy everything, hehehe.

As much as I love Boden and being a dedicated fan I cant help but feeling a little let down by the spring collection. There are certainly less items that get me all worked up, even the patterns and colours seems a bit off this time. But of course I have managed to put together a wishlist for you. ;)
So here goes:

Seatown shirt dress - My absolute favourite dress from the 2015 spring collection, Im a sucker for vintage looking dresses so this ticks my box. A must have for retro style lovers! Will get this!

Casual jersey dress - I love the casual jersey dress style and fit, have several of them from past seasons. Even if I do love a bold print Im in two minds about it, quirky but perhaps a little over the top even for me. Well lets see. ;)

Beatrice dress - As for the dress above I cant seem to make my mind up about this one, quirky but a bit over the top again. I need to think this through. ;) Ive put it on my list cause I love everything quirky. :)

Grace skirt - cant go wrong with a floral skirt for spring. Beautiful!

Chic Denim A-line - A staple for anyone`s wardrobe as it goes with a lot of stuff. I need this cause I dont have a classical skirt like this one.

Fifties Cardigan - Another must buy for a vintage style girl. :) I love cardis like this, they are short so perfect company for a dress compared to the usual cardi length.

Well thats it for now, hope you enjoyed my little list and perhaps you share some of my favs as well. :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Great picks, Monica! I chose the Grace skirt for my list too. I look forward to seeing you in some of these colourful prints! Lynne xx

    1. Yea, i will for sure purchase some of my favourites, perhaps we will both end up with the Grace skirt. ;) I love seeing Boden clothes on real women. :)

  2. I've never actually bought anything from Boden before although I'm British and am a massive fan of colour. The picks you've chosen are lovely, I have my eye on the green cardi!

    1. Oh Lorna you should definitely try Boden!!! :) Quality and fit are usually super and of course I love all the quirky prints. :)