fredag 16. januar 2015

Quirky Friday: Meow!

I thought it would be fun to run a few blog post series to spruce things up a bit. :) First up is the Quirky Friday series which will be featuring a quirky item of my choosing/liking. Im always on the lookout for quirky prints (especially from the animal kingdom) or fun colour combinations.
Why not share my findings with you guys so we can drool together. ;)

White Stuff - Barge cats skirt

 Holy Meow, look at that cat skirt! Makes me wanna purr all night long, hehehehe
White Stuff have some serious goodies this season, I love how they are not holding back in their designs. :) Im allready sharing my household with 4 cats but I can always make room for one  in my wardrobe. ;)

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