tirsdag 13. januar 2015

Casual Friday on a Monday

Hia! Its about time I posted some casual outfits as I tend to reach for something relaxed these days and total toddlerfriendly, I can take it if she spills something on me. ;) Its a whole other story with my dresses and skirts. ;)

My first waterfall cardigan, love how it twirls in the wind. :) This cardi is growing on me, I liked it when I first laid my eyes on it but after several outings Im totally smitten. :)  Its very adverse too, goes with all kinds of tops. Thats a wardrobe staple in my book, great! :)

Wrap me up good. ;)

My "new" ankle boots, I bought them back in October 2013 but havent worn them until now. Uhm, too many shoes anyone? ;)

The t-shirt says "Tres Chic" and I couldnt agree more. ;) Ups photobomber sneaking up on me. ;)

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from Lindex (recent)
Top from Lindex (recent)
Jeggings from Dr.Denim (autumn 2014)
Booties from Ecco (autumn 2013)

So tell me, have any of you dabbled in waterfall cardi territory? :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Monika!
    Nice to hear from you!
    Yes the new job is fun so far, but lots to learn and yes they are missing out on my outfits!
    I loved your make over for Christmas, i wasnt't sure it was you!

    Take care


    1. Hia Ariane! Thank you for your lovely comment. :) They makeover turned out quite successful, my colleagues reacted the same way like you, couldnt believe it was me. ;)