tirsdag 3. juni 2014

Yellow mellow

Hia gals! Its been sunny and summery in my neck of the woods for a fortnight now, kind of a record. :) What better way to salute the sun than by wearing yellow. :) I love yellow, one of my absolute favourites when it comes to bright colours. :) I know some find wearing yellow a bit of a struggle but its all about finding the right shade of yellow.

Its the first time Im wearing this dress as I bought it last spring when I was heavily pregnant. Feels good to be able to air it now. :) I love the flowery print and the retro style dress. :) Its from one of my go to brands, King Louie based in The Netherlands. Oh well me being cheerful shouldnt last the day. My beloved car broke down and its way too expensive to repair it since its an old car. *sob* Luckily it still runs so Im able to get to work but I should really find/buy a replacement car soonish.

Outfit details:
Dress from King Louie
Shoes from Pataugas

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  1. Hello! I found your blog not very long ago (just about the time when you announced coming back to regular blogging after having a baby), and I absolutely love your colorful style! Love everything about this dress too - flattering shape, great shade of yellow, and of course floral pattern. I love it how free you combine your colors and patterns too. And you are sooo sweet and genuine!

    I am sorry to hear about the car, but it IS a relief that it still works though. We had a situation when we had to buy a car just in one morning all out of sudden! We love this car though. :) I am sure you'll find something affordable and what you'll love too. I wonder what color it will be. :)

    And congratulations on both having a baby and going back to work - I know you feel good about it. Glad that I found your wonderful blog! Hugs!

    1. Welcome Natalia Lialina! :) Im so happy you found your way here! :)
      Many thanks for leaving such a sweet comment, I really appreciate it. :) Its comment like yours that keeps me going bloggingwise. *hugs*

      Yes Im so glad the car still runs, would be terrible if not. Gives me some time to look for another car. Eeek I would have been stressed out if I had to buy a car like you did. Im so happy to hear it worked out for you. :)

  2. I love that yellow, and I am with you, it is about finding the right shade. You and I wear the same shades of yellow, probably a skin tone thing. I have baby Angus in a yellow kimono that we bought in Japan way before we had children, I just knew one day I would be able to clothe children in it. :)

    Sorry about your car...what a bummer. Car troubles seem to be the biggest pain in the rear end. Sigh.

    Enjoy your day and the sweet baby girl--she will probably do something to at least make you forget about the car for a few moments!

  3. Loooove that yellow dress!

  4. Loooove that yellow dress!

  5. Such wonderful dress, ahhhhhhhhhh