tirsdag 14. august 2012

EBEW : Monochromatic

Who doesnt love a style challenge? :) Everybody Everywear  - EBEW - are hosting a style challenge today, theme being monochromatic. :) Im signing up wearing my favourite colour above all, TURQUOISE. :) The monochromatic look is all about wearing one colour in different shades, in my opinion quite a challenge. :)

Im not sure I fit the bill but what the heck, its really fun to dress up in one colour. :) I havent done this before and Im not sure I would wear this to work, a bit too matchy matchy for my taste. ;)

A close up, you have seen most of this outfit not too long ago. Cardi, top and shoes are different from last time.

Oh well I did my toenails last night, oh dear how hard can it be to put on some nail polish........*sighs* Lets just say I spilled red nail polish all over the place....*gaaaahhh*

Well I managed to get some red on my totties. I would really appreciate any advice on how to put on nail polish and make it look good?? Besides that Im really feelin the red & turquoise combo here, stunning! :) Alrighty, enough of this turquoise overdose. ;)

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from Dorothy Perkins
Top from unknown brand
Skirt from Noa Noa
Bloomers from Noa Noa
Shoes from Pataugas

Im linking up to Every Body Every Wear : Monochromatic style challenge.

Monochromatic | Everybody, Everywear

15 kommentarer:

  1. It's a lovely look, the mustard colour and print on the skirt break up the turquoise enough, and a little hint of red on your toenails is perfect!
    Very pretty, and those bloomers are just adorable! xxx

  2. Love the turquoise! The printed skirt and adorable bloomers are such a fabulous combination. I have no good advice about the polish, mine always comes out terrible when I do it myself.

  3. thanks for popping over and your sweet comment
    i love that shirt with the piping on it
    turquoise is such a fabulous color

  4. Love all this turquoise! It looks so pretty.

    Toenails: use 60 second quick-dry polishes (Rimmell makes some lovely colours). Dries super fast so that you don't gunk up your toes. And you might want to put newspaper down if you're messy. ;-)

  5. Sheila is so smart - even I learned something from her comment. I'm a terrible nail polisher.

    Love the teals, and the bloomers are beyond cool! Found you via EBEW and added you to my blogroll.

  6. @pastcaring - Thank yous! :) The bloomers are a favourite of mine too. :)

    @Megan Mae - Thank yous!:) Great to hear that Im not the only one struggling with nail polish. :)

    @silvergirl - Thanks for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment. I really appreciate it! :)

    @Sheila - Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it! :) Yea Im very familiar with the gunk up look. :P Its so hard to only paint the toenails, I always end up painting my toes as well. :P I do hope it gets better with some practice. :)

    @Lynne Devenny - Yep Sheila is the best! :) A warm welcome to you, I hope you will like it here. :) Thanks a lot for your sweet comment!

  7. Turquoise is such a beautiful colour on you! I love all the shades you've added, and I think it's nice to have the mustard colour as well. It brings a bit of warmth and contrast.

    After I got my prescription glasses for reading I got better with the nail polish. It's not quite as messy as it was. But then I'm much older than you so you may have to look for other solutions!

  8. @kaffesoester - my eyesight is pretty good, its my trembling hands and lack of polish training that makes me mess up. :P I dont think you are much older than me, Im goin on 37 later this month *eeeek*....Looks are deceiving you know. :P

  9. These colours are absolutely lovely on you, and I adore your bloomers!

    Ah, messy, messy nail polish! What helps me with application is doing the first stroke (when the brush is really full) in the middle of my nail, going from base to tip. Then, I spread out the polish using overlapping strokes on either side of my first one, all going in the same direction.

    Of course, chaos ensues anyway. :) What I do afterwards is dip a Q-tip / cotton swab in nail polish remover and clean up my toes best I can!

  10. i agree that the yellow on the skirt helps break up the turquoise (in a good way!).

    and LOVE the shot of your red toenails peeping from the shoes, soo cute!

  11. @Amber of Butane Anvil - Thank you! :) and another thanks for your nail polish advice, just the kind of tip I was hoping for!! :) I will take it to heart and try it out next time Im ready for some nailymess. :P
    Yup q-tips are lifesavers. ;)

    @heather - Many thanks! :)

  12. Yes Monica! I'm definitely 37! and a bit... Thank you so much Dear!

  13. Anonym8/18/2012

    I don't think you are breaking any monochromatic rules. The skirt is loverly and I also think that the red nail polish with the turquoise is a hit. Best Wishes for the weekend.

  14. Izzy thank you so much for all your lovely comments and for the follow on my blog! I think you've done really well with the monochromatic theme... It's a really pretty outfit and the shades work so well together, especially with your gorgeous hair colour sweetie :))

    Am following you now too!

    Catherine x

  15. @fourseasonswardrobe - aaw, thank you so much! :)

    @Catherine - Welcome to my blog, I hope you will like it here. :) Im so happy you decided to follow me, appreciate it! :) aaaw, thanks a lot for your sweet comment. :) Im afraid Im not a natural blonde, well Im blonde but much darker, mousey blond, you get it. :) Im doing the colouring/bleaching on my own, using haircolour bought in the supermarket. :)