onsdag 15. oktober 2014

Chip on my shoulder

Hia! Its not like I have chip on my shoulder these days but more like one on my chest and a pack down below. ;) Hehehe. This is to me one of my cutest outfit I have ever come up with, totally adorable. :) and maybe a little childish, but hey thats me. ;) When I bought the skirt I had totally forgotten about the squirrel cardi (too much clothes eh?) and I jumped of joy when I found it in the back of my closet by chance. :)

The skirt is of course from Boden, no surprise there. :) There is even a squirrel dress too which Im lusting after of course. It was just released among the rest of the winter collection this week, lots of droolworthy items Id say. :) Well dont be shocked if I turn up in a squirrly dress sometime in the future, hihihi. ;) No surprise to my colleagues at the office as well, I think they must be sick of me wearing all kinds of creatures. :) My obsession with animal prints is starting to show for real. ;)

I started my sewing class yesterday, yes Im going to learn how to sew clothes for my daughter and myself, preferably dresses and skirts if I manage. :) An aspiring seamstress but boy did I struggle yesterday, certainly Im not blessed in anything crafty. But I had a good time and learned a lot. Now I only have to make time to sit down and befriend my sewing machine, we are not on the best of terms yet. :P The rest of the class got homework but according to our teacher I apparently must be supervised when sewing. *blushes and hangs head down in shame* In other words a sewing disaster! Im wondering how this course is going to work out. ;) Stay tuned for more sewing bloooooopers. :P

What Im wearing:

Old cardi
Top from H&M
Skirt from Boden
Tights from White Stuff
Ankle boots from El Naturalista

5 kommentarer:

  1. Aww Monica! You look adorable (as always) and I love this outfit! I have purchased a button down shirt in the same squirrel print when Boden had 20% off preview sale but unfortunately I didn't look good in it so I returned it....you should buy the shirt and pair with this skirt! The world cutest two-piece for sure. -shoko

    1. Aaaaww Shoke, youre so sweet!! :) Im sorry to hear the shirt didnt fit, perhaps you should try the skirt or dress instead? :) Im tempted to buy the shirt but Im on the fence for now, waiting for another sale or clearancesale. :)

  2. Gorgeous! Love the skirt! Love your obsession with animal prints! Lynne x

    1. Thanks a lot for your sweet comment Lynne! :) Im so happy you are not bored to death by my animal print Obsession which seems is here to stay. ;)

  3. I had saved this blog post for the day I wrote up the Boden Review Roundup, and I have just read your post properly. LOL. You'll be fine with sewing, don't despair. I am POSITIVE you will make the cutest items for both you and your daughter! What machine do you own?

    Umm, I have the squirrel dress and the socks. I am with you...between Norway and Virginia, I know at least I am not alone in my insane love of critters.