fredag 10. juli 2015

Flamingo Friday #1

Well hello there summer! Better late than never I guess. ;) Last week was hot and sunny and I was finally able to let out my eager flamingos. ;) This is the first flamingo related outfit out of three. :)

This is my first flamingo skirt woop woop from new to me brand Banned Apparel. I know this sweet lady in UK which acts as my personal buyer in cases where the postage to Norway is insane and way to expensive. She bought this fantastic skirt for me and shipped it herself to Norway, saved me lots of pounds. Truly an act of kindness, she is a life (dress and skirt) saver that one! :) Im forever grateful Kels! :)

Im playing around with a belt or no belt, I think the outfit looks better with a belt. :) And look, Ive made a new little birdy friend. :) As you may have noticed Im no wearer of jewellery but that might have changed since I stumbled upon these gorgeous brooches from down under brand Erstwilder. These are the perfect compliments to any retro/quirky/vintage inspired outfit! :) I must admit I have purchased 4 different brooches already, I see a new addiction brewing. ;)

Well for those of you that follow me on Instagram you caught some glimpses of what I was up to in Brussels. The meetings ended up being quite a hassle especially since I was new to it all and apparently Norway was in the spotlight which totally threw me over. I got asked a bunch of questions in which I wasnt able to reply cause I had no knowledge of the matter in question. Blah! I felt really embarrassed and uncomfortable not only for myself but on Norways behalf as well. :(  Well now I  know better and if I can help it I will not attend these particulary meetings anymore. I was only stepping in for a colleague of mine who wasnt able to participate. But at least I got to spend some time in Brussels (shopping anyone? ) so it was not all bad. :)

Outfit details:

Cardigan from H&M (old)
Skirt from Banned Apparel (recent but all sold out)
Flamingo brooch from Erstwilder
Belt from Hell Bunny
Shoes from vagabond (old)

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