torsdag 17. mai 2012

Happy Birthday Norway!!

Today the 17th of May is the Norwegian Constitution Day or National Day of Norway. Among Norwegians , the day is referred to simply as syttende mai or syttande mai (both meaning May Seventeenth).

This day is kind of special outfitwise as we wear our traditional costumes called "Bunad". I happen to own a costume myself, I got it at the age of 15 for my confirmation. My costume represents the area where I was born and  raised, there are about 200 different bunads, eac of them resembling a certain area/part of Norway. The bunad is considered to be one of our most valued and treasured traditional outfits and it is considered appropriate for weddings and christenings. If you have a bunad you dont need to worry about what to wear at those occasions. :)
Without further ado, here is yours truly in her bunad (pics taken a few years ago but I havent changed that much). *grins*

The day is normally spent watching the parades in our nearest city, we have one parade early in the morning consisting of children from local primary schools along with marching bands. The second parade takes place in the afternoon where everybody may join in waving our flags as we walk on. :) Here is a picture from the parade in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

And to sum it up, the Norwegian flag blowin in the wind in the mountains.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I love your Bunad! Such beautiful embroidery.

    In Canada we don't have a national costume which makes me sad. I guess we could wear lumberjack coats, hockey sweaters, and funny beer hats on Canada Day (July 1).

  2. @Megan Thank you! :) Actually I feel very proud everytime I wear my bunad, I think its a beautiful national costume. It reminds me of my ancestors back in the day when they wore bunadlike clothes for everyday wear. :)

    Oh thats a pity you dont have any national costume in Canada. I guess your "alternative" costume may work. :)