mandag 28. mai 2012

Head over heels in love

Head over heels in love

This spring I have been spluring on shoes, especially in the cute pumps category. :) I prefer low-mid heel pumps as I cant walk in anything high heeled unless looking like a fool, wriggling and tripping over simultanously. :P
Well here are some more information about my purchases in the shoes department. :)

Nik Nak heels in green from Chelsea Crew via Modcloth (currently out of stock)

Backlash in mustard from Poetic Licence, available here.

Just like honey heel in blue from Chelsea Crew via Modcloth. (currently out of stock)

Pataugas Fool, available here.

Geox Tayra, available here.

Turqoise pumps from Pataugas, available here.

Pink pumps from Pataugas.

2 kommentarer:

  1. These shoes are all so pretty! They would make any outfit look awesome.

  2. @Emily, Thanks a lot! :) I intend to buy a pair of pumps and flats for almost every colour. I was missing these colours as staples in my wardrobe but now Im all good. :)