tirsdag 26. mai 2015

White Stuff - How I wore

Ah better late than never, here is how I styled my recent aquired ellie garments from White Stuff. I paired the ellie shirt with a red blazer, red ankle boots and jeans treggings. Can you tell I love red? :)

I wore this to a work conference hence the "corporate" look. ;) However I think I interpreted the corporate a bit different than the other participants, I was not hard to miss in a crowd of black and grey. ;) hehehe

I dont feel awkward standing out in a crowd even though Im quite the shy person, my mission in life is to fight the blacks and greys and hopefully to be an inspiration to others to wear f* colour as Trinnny would put it. :))

Here I am in my hotel room at the conference taking a last look in the mirror before I head out for the first meeting. :)

Please excuse the poor lit mobile picture. I must confess the elephant skirt was a huge success! I received so many lovely compliments. :) No suprise to me, its such a knock out skirt. :)

What I wore:

Blazer from H&M (old)
Ellie shirt from White Stuff (recent)
Jeans treggings from Dr. Denim (seriously they are the best ever!)
Ankle boots from El Naturalista (old)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Just fantastic Monica! Your gorgeous long legs are shown off to perfection in your treggings, and cute little elephants are framed beautifully by your amazing red jacket! Yes to colour - and lots of it!!!

    The skirt really fits you so well, and it's such a lovely combination with the red cardigan. So figur flattering and colourful, and paired with incredible boots, it's a winner! Is the skirt made to be turned inside out as well? I've seen that feature on some of their skirts, and I think it's such a clever idea!

    With these outfits you've made quite an impression on everyone, if Norwegians are anything like Danes, and I believe they are :-D I constantly get comments too about my clothes, just because it isn't black or grey (although I do wear grey every now and then). Fear of colour has got to be the most widespread phobia in Scandinavia :-) Glad to see you battling it so fiercely!

    1. Dear Tine, awww youre soo sweet! :) Your comments always make me smile you know. :) Thanks for the heads up on wearing colour, we are partners in colourcrime you and I, hehehe. ;) The elephant skirt is not reversible Im afraid, but its true that WS have such skirts in their collections. Oh yea, believe me when it comes to dressing Norwegians are suffering from the great Nordic depression as I would say, an epidemic of black, grey and brown. "shudders". I think you Danes are the same but I think you care less what other people might think of you than Norwegians. Im following a couple of Danish sewing groups on FB and the outfits shown, mainly homemade dresses, are really colourful and fun. :) So all hope is not lost I think. :)