mandag 4. mai 2015

White Stuff - reviews and favourites from the Lost Island collection

Aloha! As I told you in my last post I went a bit nuts in the White Stuff shop in Copenhagen. Go figure! ;)  This is how it looks from the outside, pic taken from my previous trip to Copenhagen back in September 2014.
I was literally drooling all over when I noticed my current favourite collection, The Lost Island was in stock. :) I immediately started rummaging through the clothing racks, I was on a mission you see and then rushed downstairs to changing rooms with my hands full. ;) And here it goes:

Little Ellie shirt - OMG, how cuuuuuuuute is this shirt!!! Even the name makes me smile, Im actually thinking of naming my next child Elli if Im having a girl. (No wait a minute, no baby on the way yet) Little elephants in a variety of colours on a white shirt, so so so so so adorable! Please excuse my manic looking eyes, seems like Im having an out of myself experience, hahhaa. :) The shirt went of course home with me.

A closer look of those lovely baby ellies. :)

Tutuilia cardi -  Its official Ive been elephantized, another ellie item for ya, the gorgeous tutuilia cardi. :) Another elephant bites the dust in my suitcase and guess what Ive got room for lots more. ;)

Ellie the elephant skirt - Well I only missed a elephant skirt didnt I?? :) Not my most glamorous moment, socks anyone? But you get the picture, I bet you cant take your eyes of that gorgeous skirt anyway. :P

Wild floral reversible skirt - Another great elephant skirt but sadly this didnt go home with me. The fit was good, a bit lighter and wider than the other ellie skirt. That sums up the ellie hauling for now, if you fancy some more elephant goodies you might take a look at these:

Elephant tunic

Round about ellie shirt

Ditsy elephant scarf

Swans bell & whistle skirt - I did try on another skirt Ive had my eyes on for a while, unfortunately I had blowed my budget on those ellies otherwise I would have bought this skirt in a heartbeat. :) Hopefully I will get hold of it later during a sale. :)

Well I guess thats nuff ellies for one night. ;)  Stay tune for my next post where I will show you how I styled my newly aquired elephant beauties. :) Have a lovely week folks and dont forget Game of Thrones tonight, Im off to watch myself. :)

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  1. What a gorgeous collection of elephants :-) I'm solacing forward to see you in these pieces! My mother loves elephants too, so I think I'll drop by the shop and see if I can find a little something for her. The tunic would be cute on her, unless I should save it for you? :-D

    Remember, if there's a sale on in the shop, and you really want something, you can always ask me if I happen to be in the area - I'd love to go Big-Game-Hunting for you!!!