onsdag 13. juni 2012

Fashion challenge: This or That! Summer trends style

Yay! Im so excited, I just happend to stumble upon a fashion blog challenge as I was browsing through my google reader list. The challenge takes place this week with a new theme for each day. Todays (Wednesday) assignment is Tribal or Floral, not too difficult this one for a flower power lover myself. :) I chose Floral of course! :) Well without further ado, here is my contribution in all things floral. :)

Im standing in front of my frontdoor, working those flower pots as suitable props. ;)

Im wearing: dress from Indiska
                   pumps from Pataugas

For more information about the challenge and its participants, have a look at Megan Mae Daily.

4 kommentarer:

  1. What a beautiful and bright floral print. I suppose I could say that about your whole wardrobe. Just scrolling through your blog, it is full of so many beautiful colors and adorable clothes and shoes. I especially love your super sweet pink pumps.

  2. @Megan - Aaaw, such sweet a comment, thanks a lot!! I really appreciate it! :) Im so glad you like my wardrobe, I certainly have thing for bright colours, such makes me feel happy! :)Bright and spunky for ya! ;) hehehehe.
    Yes, those pink pumps are my most beloved pair of shoes I think, Im sooooooooo happy I came across them during my easter holiday abroad.

  3. What a gorgeous dress! The print and the fit are so pretty.

  4. @keely - Thanks for stopping by and leave such a sweet comment. :)