torsdag 14. juni 2012

FC: Colored bottoms or Printed Bottoms

Today`s (Thursday) theme for the ongoing fashion challenge is colored bottoms or printed bottoms. Yesterday I received these bright and happy leggings, I hope they make do for a pair of bottoms. :) And being BOTH coloured and printed, challenge mission completed. :) I had so much fun taking these pictures as I hired my hubby as my personal paparazzi. :) We laughed all the way, me making all kinds of silly poses. ;)

YaY!! My first jumping pic, Im soooooo excited!! A fashion/style blog isnt complete without a jumping shot, right?.;) Im really amazed how my hair turned out. :P *giggles*

My doggie got all worked up from me jumping all over the place so she made an attempt to stop me from acting silly. ;) Isnt she the cuuuuuuutest ever!! *beams*

A headless chicken shot which I do most of the time. ;)

What Im wearing: Tunic (old)
                            Tee (HM old)
                            Leggings from Modcloth (new)
                            Pumps (old)

Im linking up with Megan Mae Daily, please have a look at the other participants in the fashion challenge.
Im also linking up with Casual Friday at Two Thirty-five designs.

8 kommentarer:

  1. I just love the leggings! Floral print is everywhere and so in style! Love!

  2. Lovely outfit and cute doggie!

    Love those shoes and leggings.

  3. Cool leggings! I love your denim tunic though. It's got a really cool futuristic look to it. You're so beautiful! Thanks for sharing not cropped photos today.

  4. @Rebecca - Yes I share your love for these leggings, love the floral print!! :) Thanks for your kind comment!

    @Megan - Thanks for your kind words! :)

    @Megan Mae - Aaaaw, how sweet of you to say!! Your comment means the world to me!! :) I have never thought of my denim tunic that way, but you might be on to something. :) I will try to post some more uncropped pics when my face allows it ;) More often then not my face look like the behind of some baboon, all flushed red. ;) *laughs*

  5. I want those leggings! They really remind me of Betsey Johnson!

  6. @Myranda- Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :) well those leggings can be all yours, just head to :) I totally recommend them! :)

  7. Your dog is so cute! I love the bright leggings and the shoes are perfection!

  8. fLOWERS AND DENIM, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh such a perfect sombinationa.
    Have a lovely Sunday.